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On the Internet there are several types of Marketplace sites and the one we will address here is the Auction type as well as the regular selling port hole.

Some of the more popular ones we will do a complete review on them so you can know before you visit them exactly what to expect and if you plan on selling on them you will find out the costs and the pros and cons of using them.

We will have a complete directory of all of the auction sites on the internet as well as the regular selling and buying public websites. This will be comming soon and it will address all the costs associated with each site and our recomendation to use or not and why.

Most people out there have at least one time visited the famous eBay Online Marketplace. We are NOT going to go into much about them here as we will have up a complete review all about them with everything you should know both good and bad and believe us there is lots of each to tell. We have sold on their site off and on for many years and we know them inside and out and we will spill the beans why more and more sellers are now leaving eBay for other sites to sell on! We will alert you on our RSS feeds when that review is available as we have had lots of requests for a honest review of them.

We have sold on auction sites and regular websites for years we have watched some of them really grow while others seem to have problems. Some are quite greedy with what they offer and how they treat both the buyers as well as the sellers. We will do a tell all on our reviews then you can decide which ones are right for you.

Those of you that are regulars to our site already know how we tell it like it really is here and do nothing but honest no holds bared reviews, you can expect nothing less than that on this subject too!

The websites we will be doing full page reviews on are, some are Auction type sites other are just public selling sites...


ecrator... public selling sites

u bid...Auction

Amazon...public selling sites

Atomic Mall... public selling sites

Sears...public selling sites

Some of the above we love and will tell you why others we say avoid both for buyers and sellers and again we will tell you why!

Please come back we will add reviews ASAP!

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