by MDH
(Queens, New York)

I started to watch One Life to Live and All My Children 35 years ago when I had my first child. I watch One Life to Live at work during my lunch hour with my co-workers. I feel like the actors are like family after all this time and would feel a great loss with these soaps being cancelled. Once One Life to Live goes off Channel 7, my co-workers and I have agreed we will turn off the television. We watched the tail end of the Chew a couple of times and are in disbelief that this ridiculous show is the replacement of a fine acted and well written show such as All My Children.

I have made a point not to watch any ABC shows. I guess ABC wanted to commit suicide by cancelling All My Children, One Life to Live, (eventually General Hospital), Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives.

I find that All My Children and One Life to Live have touched many current things going on in the world and I have found this to be helpful with issues in my own life. How many reality shows can these networks expect us to watch? So many good actors are being wasted by them not appearing on television shows.

I, as well as many people I know (I work in a doctor's office)had hoped Oprah would save the day and put these shows on her television station which doesn't seem to be doing so well. I guess she doesn't care about the viewers and the actors either just like ABC executives.

I don't need to watch ABC anymore especially since they have practically no shows left. I now mainly watch Channel 5 as my first choice and Channel 2 as my second choice.

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