by Michelle Dubitsky
(Jacksonville, FL USA)

Jessenia Mitchell next generation of soap fans

Jessenia Mitchell next generation of soap fans

On Jan 5, 1970 I was just a few months past my 6th birthday and trying to find something to watch on TV in Brooklyn, NY. I stumbled across the opening credits to a brand new show airing for the first time on ch.11 NYC, NY(ABC) and it must have been around noon or 12:30pm. I recall the music to ALL MY CHILDREN like it was yesterday and someone opening a book...you saw the hand turning the pages but never the person's face. I asked my Grandma what this new show was and she said it was called a soap opera kind of like the ones she watches but on a different channel - back then mostly only old people watched "the stories". I was only going on 7 years old but I am now 48 and have NEVER missed an episode of AMC. My little girl just turned 11 and for the last 4 years I had her watching - she was in school daytime but thanks to SoapNet we got to see it air at 8pm - and again the next morning...or we recorded. I didn't catch on to One Life to Live until the middle of Jan 1970 when I refused to change the channel after AMC. I remember AMC initially airing for just 1/2 hour, then went to an hour later on. OLTL had a few different opening scenes and music themes over the years, but I LOVE ALL the characters on these two shows. I was hoping to have my daughter grow up watching these same two soaps because they cover so many of life's REAL situations that our children go through in everyday life; getting pregnant at 16, using drugs, bullying at school,...etc. My daughter was able to relate to all these characters in these two soaps and together we'd laugh, we'd cry, we'd discussed things happening in the storyline that could really happen in real life. Y'all NEED to leave AMC and OLTL on the air! If ABC doesn't want them any more then just move them to a different channel like BET...or the station that Tyler Perry's House of Payne is on. Come on you guys COMCAST airs almost 300 different channels of television programming. There has to be at least 1 OTHER network that would not mind continuing to air AMC and OLTL --- even if it's not on Daytime TV anymore - heck, we can stand to watch from 6pm - 8pm, or from 7pm -9pm. Y'all have to THINK OF SOMETHING!!! SAVE OUR BELOVED STORIES. THIS IS 40+ years.....PLEEEEEEASE!!!

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