mobile cash pro x

by nikki
(london uk)

well i somehow got invited to this webnar done by charlie and was impressed he sounded a decent engish guy as im from London too.The software looks amazing but when he siad only15 copies available I sort of was on guard ! and then when only one copy left but when he said some people had it working already that was made up im sure.

anyway I went ahead and purchased it the next day but lol and behold thier is still one copy left even today when the link was only up for a few more hours so another fear of loss scam !

anyway dowloaded the sofware by following the training video and then first problem the second video will not play,then the sofware does not show any indicators as it should,then when I reloaded the software I got a virus threat which was stopped !

now I have it I have sent 20 mesages to the support address at it takes them 2 days to reply and then they send same answer to 6 different questions ! and ignore my questions

the help page on the software goes to error 500 and then to a traffci phoenix page.the training vidoe will not play and the software is faulty but they say they are aware of this and are looking into it but 4 days on and still nothing has been done !

you can set up skype to talk with them but they are never around and charlie promised huge member support and extra training videos but i feel like im waiting ofr days to get anywhere and if this is the sort of customer service to expect the whole thing looks like a sham ! all they say is continue with the software until its sorted ! but on the members emails quoted DO NOT USE SOTWARE UNTIL WATCHING TRAINING VIDEOS

if this is some super hot software I would have thought they would have fixed any problems instantly.

im coming to conclusion Charlie is a fake and this whole system is a scam at £820.00

have had enough and demanding a refund !

anybody else had any doings with this mobile pro x ????


Nikki this is the admin here and this is a SCAM it is the same old traffic phoenix software that is a scam it was the number one scam of 2010 it goes by several names and this is just another one of them. I am sorry but you need to read my how to get a refund page on traffic phoenix mention this website and that you are going to the FBI and FTC about this and that helps you get a refund from SWREG and also contact your bank and credit card company immediately! These scammers are hard to get a refund from but will give it to you if you do as I said above.

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Oct 22, 2015
mobile cash pro x NEW
by: Anonymous

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Dec 05, 2012
Cash Pro X
by: Anonymous

I've had similar problems, I've written an email to their support desk and they say that due to the fact that I'm outside the 30 money back guearentee, they can not refund me at all. £820 down the drain and software on my pc that does not work.
I've told them i'll take it further but they're adamant the stuff works and to log a Skype call.
Fxxxing nightmare.
Tempted to report them to the FBI asap

Jan 10, 2012
It's a scam
by: Anonymous

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have the exact same experience as you. I was also invited to the webinar, and was fooled by this guy's performance (he was good, I'll give him that, just good at lying and bluffing). They had me for over $1200, and when I sent an e-mail to ask for help (because the program didn't work) it took them five days to reply, and the there was no real help in the reply. Just that they were aware of the problem I indicated, but that I should just put in all the details correctly and then it would work. Reality check: I still can't get the thing to work! So, bottom line: total scam, and I'm going to try to get the money back if possible. Caveat emptor.

Jan 06, 2012
mobile pro x refund
by: nikki

To let anybody elsde know on here I got a refund from SWREG very quickly.
I went to thier info page and typed in my order number from mobile traffic x and told them about the software was faulty,videos cant be played and the hopeless support,In fact I threatened to ask for a refund if things did not improve but two hours later after sending this email my paypal account was refunded along with my credit card.

I was suprised it was so quick and can only they are fully aware of this scam and do not want all the bad press but im so relieved after becoming aware of this scam.
so hopefully any others will do the same and get refunded.
I would like to find this CHARLIE guy and lead him down to serious fraud police station or do something so he can,t talk properly again.low life scum !!!
good luck everyone who try and get a refund,a shame as the system looks so good and thats what is so annoying about all of this,they build up your dreams and then steel your money !!!

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