by louise Stevenson

I fell for this charlie's spiel as I am from London (so he must be honest!!) well when I received the instructions I also found them lacking in detail. I cancelled and put in a claim for a refund through my bank and believed they had halted the payment but six months later for some reason unknown to me the bank paid the money (£799.00) I have sent countless e-mails to traffic phoenix for them to return the money but all I get is that they are looking into it.

please tell me where these people actually live and conduct their business so that I can take legal action.

I also want to expose all these affiliate sites, I have yet to find one that fulfils anything they promise

thank you

This is Linda the Admin... Louise I sure wish I could give you their address if I had it I would and we all would go there together to bash some heads. All I can tell you is try to get your bank or credit card company to do a charge back and also contact SWREG about this. Charlie and his group will do nothing but stall you as for refunds. You have to go to the SWREG company itself and your bank or credit card company to actually get your refund. So sorry yes Charlie is from London and seems he is not a very nice one there too!

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