"New Year Monsters Strike again"

by Timbo
(New Zealand)

Just prior to new year (28 December)...the VIRTUAL LION pounced AND struck again, it seems!!!

But, I hesitated .....to purchase Mobile CashPro..I mean $997 is a bunch of dollars...and since then, I've been inundated with offers from ....Nathan Crosby & cohourts!

So, I googled them/it/that..and, it's blown me away!

Here's the link which was 'meant to be taken down within a 24hrs time' frame..

Are these guys real? I have not played the recording...not had time...I mean, it looks fantastic...it does it all ...$50,000 per month etc. Are they the same guys, yall have been warning other's about!?

It sounds like Azon is now Mobile CashPro?

It sounded too good to be true!

Cheers and..... yes, I'm in for a "Happier New Year"... for me now!!

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