Niche Profit Classroom a review from a User who has made money online and reason why you should listen to me!

Welcome to my Niche Profit Classroom Review

There are many niche classroom membership sites and I have at one time or the other belonged to most of them. I was looking for real information on how to make a profitable niche websites and then put that knowledge out there and make money from it.

From other niche classroom membership sites I made some niche websites after I studied the training and more but NOT a single one of the membership sites compared to Niche Profit Classroom and those niche sites do not make as good of an income either! Some simply have made nothing.

Please read my review and after you read it and agree to take a $1.00 trial of this Niche Profit Classroom membership site. I will give you a free bonus that I guarantee you will not see or more important get anywhere else and even if someone else offers something like this to you it will not come from as good of a source as you will get here from me. You can find out what this is at end of this review and why I say you will want my bonus above all others. It is only open to first 100 who take advantage of this offer, so keep that in mind too.

I have been a member of Niche Profit Classroom since middle of 2011. Today I have several nice websites that I have made through Niche Profit Classroom membership site and all are making money.

Again I have also through the years tried other membership sites that tell you how to make a niche website or just simply give you a template and some PLR articles you can spin or rewrite but none of them compare to Niche Profit Classroom... here is why.

One membership site sends you like 6 or maybe is 7 websites you can upload to your web host and then they give you think 20 articles for that site. But the problem here with those is you have to rewrite every single thing as if you just spin it you will find that it will never pass original content and Google will ignore it and also I have found that through research now with my keyword tool in Niche Profit Classroom it is a way over saturated niche. Also your website even if you change the content the site looks like hundreds of others out there with same pictures same everything. I call these copy cat sites. So I have canceled that membership some time back I kept it at first when I joined Niche Profit Classroom because it is a membership site that has just so many members and once you drop out you may never get back in again if you want in but know what I do not want back in now it was a total waste of money! I have Niche Profit Classroom the one and only niche membership website I will ever need.

Adam Short is the creator of Niche Profit Classroom and the driving force behind Nice Profit Classroom and the reason it is such a successful place to learn how to build a profitable niche website. One that actually, yes I mean really will, and does make money online.

Adam Short has been on the Internet since age 21 when he worked for a company called Overture. If you have been on the Internet for long then you know who Overture is as they were the first PPC search engine on the Internet. That alone should show you that Adam Short is #1 very smart to even be associated with a great company like Overture. #2 very smart to learn from them about how search engines work and then implement things he learned to the point today he has over 300 niche websites online all making him money each and every month. Today he has made multi millions online. So believe me Adam knows how search engines work and what it takes to get to the top of them, what I mean by that on page 1 for about any keyword he wants to be! And so much more can you learn from him in Niche Profit Classroom this membership site has been going strong for over 7 years now and will be here for many more. There are many niche's with low competition on the Internet that you can make a website with and generate very profitable income from on a monthly basis and Adam's membership site shows you not only how to find them but also gives you two each month to promote.

If you would like to watch a short video on who would benefit the most by using Niche Profit Classroom then watch this video it shows you a brief outline of that.

Now why this membership site is different than the rest...

1. It way over delivers each and every month for your membership fee after the $1.00 trial period of 14 days of $67.00 a month... other membership sites mostly under deliver I have found.

Here is what you get each month

2 Niche Pack websites... all ready made... each pack comes with

*ready made ebook... That you can sell or give away as reason to join newsletter for the niche. I suggest you sell it and use the next thing you get for reason for them to join your niche website newsletter.

* 10 day mini course... This is really exceptional because it is a email course you give your customer so that your site not only stays in front of them for 10 days and I suggest you send this out like for 10 days or once a week, twice a week etc. The main thing is keep them interested in your site and coming back and telling others about your site as you will be building up your email list and later can resell them once you have proven to them you are someone with knowledge and by now have built up some trust in you as an authority in that niche field.

* Sales Letter... this you will find is one heck of a great part of this pack and is almost priceless.

* Graphic Package...3 ebook covers, Banner of the ebook you can use on other websites to promote your ebook. If you paid for this from a graphics site this would not be cheap this is one great thing no one else I know gives you when you are members there for building niche websites

*SEO already Optimized Articles... You will receive for each niche Profit classroom niche pack 5 articles or pages for your niche website. These are outstanding articles and well written and not short or just a few words ones either they go into detail and written the way that will keep your visitor wanting more. Now here I must add these are NOT PLR Articles but instead they are hand written by one of the best article writing staff I have ever seen or used before.

*Niche keyword research... Here is where Adam Short and his staff have already picked keywords that will not only get you high results in the search engine from day one but will also make you lots of money from Google Adsense. This is one thing you will want to do is use your niche website to not only sell products off it but make money with Google Adsense no sense in leaving money on the counter when you can put it in your pocket each month instead. I will tell you more later on why the research at Niche Profit Classroom is the best you can get anywhere.

*21 day blueprint on how to get traffic to your website almost overnight for this niche. This blueprint is priceless and if you follow it you too will be raking in money each month from this new site with a no brainer way to do it. There is truly no guesswork in how to get traffic with this blueprint for each site.

*Niche Market Profile... Now this is again something you can get only at Niche Profit Classroom and what this is... is a Market research scorecard that tells you just how profitable this niche is or is not for example if you think up a niche you think it is really great and it maybe but this tool will tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt if it is or not.

Now first of all Adam Short only sends you each month Niche packs that are in categories that are not already saturated with competition. He sends you the proof from the Niche Market Profile which show you why you should go after this niche right away and more. This is hard to explain you just have to go and see for yourself and watch the video on it and then see why it works. What I have found is this if I use the Niche Market profile to find a great niche it never lies!


The rest you can leave as given.

This Niche Pack you get each month is way over delivering when you are a member of Niche Profit Classroom.

But there is so much more!... keep reading

3. Training videos... that are easy to watch and understand and are always being updated as things change on the Internet. The courses in Niche Profit Classroom covers everything and more than you would ever want to know on how to make a profitable niche and why you do what he teaches. I have seen many training videos in the past but none and I mean none compare to Adam's videos.

4. Free hosting... yep you can host 15 sites free each and every month and never will you be charge a penny for these site online that alone over pays for this membership site. Yes and I will say it one more time and probably later too Adam short really over delivers each and every month. But basically what he is doing here is making it almost free for you to start your online business. Once you have 15 websites up and running your income will be so much you will not care what it cost you for your next 15 because by now you will be a master at this and well on your way and someone who is not only making a great income online but very independent as well! Never again will you even consider one of those get rich quick garbage scams I rant about on this site everyday.

5. Push Button Site building software... that is way too easy to use and once you have a site up it will look and feel and attract visitor like a magnet. You will be very proud of your sites once they are built and no two sites will look alike as you customize them yourself so your visitor will not think you are just another copycat site he has seen many times before as that is what you get from other membership niche classroom sites! Trust me Google knows it is a copy cat site too! Those sites just become one more site floating in cyber space.

6. Coaching and Support... Now this is something that is more than priceless and very rare. When you join a membership site you will from time to time get emails that say come to my webinar for some special training. So you rush off and join just to find out all they are is an introduction to some new product the owners of your membership site want you to buy so they can make money off of you. I am finding that some of the really good membership sites are exactly sites that have been promoting the new versions of Traffic Phoenix (new name products that come out each week). More than likely the site owner have not even tried the product at all. what they see is just $$ signs and the hopes that some of their members will buy the product. I hate when membership sites do this and call it training. Recently I have been very surprised at just who has promoted some of the Traffic phoenix new name programs. When I find one I put the information here as simply as most of my visitors know Traffic Phoenix is the biggest scam of 2011 and way it is going will be in 2012 too, just the names will change. I am not sure why anyone with trusted members at their site would ever do such a thing on purpose but any excuse is not good enough for me as money is not that important to risk your reputation on. That is my feelings and I will stick to it as long as on the Internet I will never recommend any program I do not use myself and know for a fact it works! In other words If I can do it anyone can and Niche Profit Classroom is a membership site I highly recommend!

Want a breath of fresh air? Adam Short gives real 100% training classes where you can get new ideas or something you maybe able to use immediately with your niche website EACH AND EVERY WEEK! Yes it is true not a sales job but real training and coaching and then support to back it all up.

When I first joined Niche Profit Classroom and I first saw these training classes, I thought huh ya right just a sales pitch, well as a matter of fact I ignored them when I first joined and I am so sorry I did because once I finally went to one all I could say was WOW. I am now behind others there in implementing new things. You see I was busy then going through all of the training and wanting to just start a new niche website and I figured it was nothing but a sales pitch webinar anyway so I simply did not attend. I am so sorry now. When you join check out the training webinars not the special webinars as those can be for new products but the training ones done each week run and join. Niche Profit Classroom has really great training.

So in order to catch up I am now watching old classes trying to be up to date. He also gives something away nearly every week to someone who is on the webinar only. If you are not there you can not win. As of today's writing our next coaching webinar is about Adam Short putting up a brand new niche website while on the webinar and showing us new things and just how fast he can do it.

Really folks doing one of these once you learn the site builder software and have done your training you can put up more than one site a day and can do one in an hour with no problem at all. Well after he builds this new niche site on this webinar and then answers all of the questions anyone on the webinar has yes it is where you can ask Adam himself questions in real time. He is on there as our personal group coach. HE WILL GIVE THAT NICHE SITE TO SOMEONE ON THE WEBINAR. Now that is real special for several reasons #1 It will be customized by Adam himself and 2. Not a niche everyone will get in the niche packs. I really want that niche website and if lucky I will get it. I got as good a chance as anyone on the webinar to be awarded it.

7. Keyword Advantage... I may have saved the best thing you get besides all of the training and free hosting and the fantastic just improved site builder Ultra with your membership to Niche profit classroom and that is the Keyword Advantage keyword tool. This tool is way heads and shoulders ahead of any other keyword tool you may have ever used before.

This keyword tool not only finds great keywords for your niche they show you exactly how much competition you have they tell you if it is possible to rank for the keyword and they suggest other keywords for you and even tell you how much traffic you can expect with that keyword. You can do searches then save them for future use. All is color coded plus will say things like jackpot if it is a great keyword and all the other things make that keyword outstanding. I truly love my Keyword Advantage and all it does for me daily. I am not sure how I did keyword research before getting this great tool.

I would belong to this membership website just for this tool alone that is how powerful it is once you learn how to use it and believe me there are plenty of video that will show you quick how to do that. It is very simple to use and understand. This tool helps me rank high in search engines everyday. If in doubt of a keyword you searched before just tell the software to search it again and it will tell you what is happening today vs. last week or month when you searched it before.

There is really even more than I have said here like the Research tool that is out of this world and can save you so much time chasing a niche that will go nowhere. While showing you a really hot niche that will sky rocket all the way to the bank.

Then there are the techniques you can use to build your niche site and showing you all the different ways to monetize it and what to do and what not to do that I was before coming here doing wrong on all of my niche sites from other membership sites. Now I know why most of them went no where. I knew that making a good niche website was like a gold mind on the Internet but till joining Niche Profit Classroom I really had no idea how to implement that. Now I do. I also have learned so much about building different types of niche sites not just affiliate sites but other types too and believe it or not some of my sites that I would never have built before going to Niche Profit Classroom are some of my biggest income sites now.

Ok as promised the bonus I promised to give you... if you do yourself a favor and at least check out Niche Profit Classroom site for 14 days for $1.00 and then decide which you will because you will see all I told you here is so true and more. Once you have built your new niche website I want you to contact me here through my contact me page and tell me you joined Niche Profit Classroom from my site here give me your name and date you joined and I will then check and if you did buy through me and your new site is one built through Niche Profit Classroom what I will do for you is this...

I will go and look at your new website and on my site here do a review of that new site and give you a link to that site. Yes your first link will come from a website that is one of the highest ranked website in the world. This site here is ranked in the top 1% world wide as of today our rating out of around 550 million sites world wide is ranked 669,162 and in the USA it is ranked 156,438 making that in top here in USA as well. This changes daily but will be somewhere around there all of the time, but lately it has been going even lower.

So a very strong link from a very well established website that is known for reviews on websites will fit in with any niche you choose. This is something I have thought about doing for my own niche sites but have not done it because I was afraid Google would know that I owned both sites. But your site no way will they think that. Be sure to tell me what keyword you want the link to have too!

So a link from me is very valuable and will give your new site a big boost in the search engines immediately. It also will bring you traffic. Again I am limiting this to the first 100 who contact me then taking this offer down. If you can even find a site that will do that for you rated as high as I am and the type of site like I am you will pay big money for that. Most simply will not do it to start with and neither will I later. Please do not contact me trying to get a link without taking advantage of this offer as I will know. I have people trying to get links all the time and I always say no. I do not do link exchanges anymore either. I have around 300+ sites linking to me now and I did not ask for a single one of them, well 2 were link exchanges but that is all. They all just wanted to link to me on their own. Friends one way links are the most powerfulest links of them all!

What I do instead is I use SEnukeXCr for links as they give me bookmarketing links to social media sites and I can get links from like goverment sites and wiki too and more. I just recently found SEnukeXCr and am just now using it. I never as pointed out above even tried to get links but now I am because my site is much older now and has gone down some in rating because I have not done link building so now for SEO reasons I am doing that and there is no place that gives you more natural links than SEnukeXCr and yes it is some expensive but the reward is much better than the cost because you as an affiliate marketer will make that cost back 100 times over! You can also use it on all of your websites not just one. It takes just a few mins to set up a campaign and then let it do its thing and you will find that Google loves you because your links are done right!

Please click on the banner above or click here to go to Niche Profit Classroom for more information