October 2012 - Traffic Phoenix Renamed ?

by Maggie

Hi Linda

I am one of the folk who become a "sucker" to the Charlie presentation 29 July 2011, and purchased one of the limited 15 copies of Traffic Phoenix. It hasn't worked and I haven't been able to receive a refund from SWREG - Digital River

Yesterday I received a link to www.onlinegoldmine.com and there is Jamie talking from his home, sports car and showing him setting up 3 internet newbies with "instant cash"over 24 hours.

Taking the lesson from 2011, went searching on the internet for any feedback on this latest presentation. Your site came up and I have just read the feedback concerning Traffic Phoenix and the penny dropped... is this a reincarnation ?

Interestingly, within the last 2 days have seen 2 other similar presentations, "traffic accumulator", and also "get-money-here" doing the same type of presentation.

What are your comments have you come across any of these 3 latest releases, or are they all the same so called software dressed up with different names

Hi Maggie unfortunately they all could be the same people selling them all as I have said many times these crooks have not dissappeared they just keep popping up over and over again. The main thing they all sound the same and all are processed through SWREG. NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING THAT IS PROCESSED THROUGH SWREG. If you do you are screwed in more than one way and your pocketbook the worse. It has gotten harder than ever to get a refund from them and to shut them down as well. They have managed to use every loophole on the face of the earth to avoid giving money back and they uphold that the sofware you buy if it works fine if not tuff well you know what. So for that reason I say never buy anything processed through them and that will be the only way we can shut them down. No business no staying open. Thank you for bringing this to my attention I will look into it right away. Just remember also never buy anything offered from Jamie Lewis he is a scammer for sure his stuff does not work and he keeps comming back with more hype so he can afford his big fancy car he does not care if you make a single penny in the process. He has lost many a follower and many cause of this site he tried to shut me down from telling all about him but since I told the truth he could not!

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