OLTL Fan for Life

I have been watching OLTL since the early 1970's. I grew up watching it after school, watched in college, and when my children were small. I began taping it when I went back to work. My entire family watches on DVR now. I think ABC is really overlooking the generational thing. People that watched with their grandmother will likely watch with their own grandchildren one day. These shows are passed down, literally. They don't need promoting for the loyal fans do that for them. So many fans are saying that when ABC cancels the shows, they will stop watching. I think the cost savings allowed by the reality shows will have a penny saved/pound foolish outcome. No one is the least bit curious about the new shows. They are on cable now anyway. A boycott will destroy them before they even begin. Now you are talking about GENERATIONS of people. I won't allow ABC on in my house at all. My husband and I both work and our children range from high school and college students with one college graduate. My sons, too, stay tuned to OLTL. ABC is nuts to cancel these shows. With this kind of audience, they could bring them back to their heights with some creativity. Get rid of that Frons guy and find someone with a creative mind and you will see loyalty beyond belief from these fans.

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