by Jennifer
(Greensboro, NC USA)

All my children, One Life To Live, & General Hospital are 3 of the GREATEST Soap Operas on television!! WHY are they being cancelled?! Erika Kane, Victoria Lord, Sonny Corinthos among others are LEGENDS!!! Why would the writers and ABC sell out these well deserved actors/actresses and most of all....LOYAL FANS!! If it is a television problem than keep it on Soap Net! I have DVR to record during the day, AND Soap Net at night, in case our President feels the need to voice his changes of this great nation ironically at 2pm!!! Since the early 90's, when I was a young child watching ABC Soaps with my mom, until the early 2000's when I started recording the soaps via VHS while I have to go to college classes, & until now where I auto set my DVR while I work to make sure I dont miss a vitale cliffhanger from 1pm-4pm est...I have been a dedicated FAN!!!! Even if ABC & the writers are beginning to disconnect from the actors/actresses, why disappoint the fans?!!! I love ABC's daytime soaps, & I really wish you would reconsider.

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