One more newbie scammed again

I purchased Commission Tsunami back in the fall. After a few weeks of attempting to make it work for me and getting frustrated because they do not have good support, I asked for a refund and they refused to give me a refund. They said that it was not guaranteed so they would not have to give me a refund. $1000 bucks down the drain and I was just struggling to make ends meet hoping that this would really work. BLAH!!!

This is Linda the administrator I wish you had found my site right when you bought that scam product as then we could have helped you get your money back but since it was way back in the fall not so sure what I suggest tho since this is considered a scam product and even tho it has been so long you read the instructions under how to get a refund for traffic phoenix refund and the update and even the traffic phoenix review in there you will see many ways to get a refund and it applies to this one too also read what others have said and how they got refunds and hopefully that will help you can tell your bank or credit card company what happened and that they told you no refund but that was before you found out it is against online internet law not to give a refund if a software does not work. You will find the information on those pages about that. With this in mind your credit card company can go after the processing company and demand a refund.
Hope that helps

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