Phoenix Scam!! Thank you for posting your story!!

by Simon

Thanks for posting your review on Phoenix...if it's too good to be true then it ain't true:D, I always say...My name is Simon and i sent your link on the webinar which i joined on the 20th of July 2011 with this guy called Charlie....I had my doubts and i quickly searched the net for reviews of "traffic phoenix" and you're review came up. I cut and pasted your link onto the webinar and wrote yet another scam!!!!!! and within 2 seconds i was cut off!!! Now remember guys in the days of the great gold rush the people who made money were the poeple who sold the pit axes and shovels so always remember that and you should be fine..

What do i really want...Well i want to build a genuine affiliate business on the net so if anyone out there really can JV with me or help me do this for an agreed return then i am all ears and i don't buy hype, i am not a loser and am financially well off. What i do like and here is the reason for the question,,, is building business and revenue streams and most of all i believe the net is the future for doing business. However i have founf nothing but con-artists and scammers feeding off of the sheeple!! I AM NOT ONE OF THEM so if you are the real deal and please don't write to me if you are going to tell me article writting and seo crap or adsense and the like,,,don' bother. However you have a reall e-commerce business to share or need to fund I would like to hear from you.

You can email me on and lets really build a business...

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