Plasticland = beware of return policy! bad customer satisfaction.

I recently ordered 2 items from this store online- Plasticland :

I was unaware of their 'nothing is 'perfect' policy' until AFTER making my purchase. One of the 2 items (wall plaque) was fine, the other, had bumps on the surface. I had emailed them about this issue and sent them pictures. Then i was replied to saying that I am meant to expect this, that 'These resin keyholes are hand-cast and feature an antiqued finish, so each is unique and no two will be exactly alike. Please note that small differences in finish and surface texture are to be expected and are not considered to be damage or defect.'
How am I meant to know this... when i receive this information after the fact, and i am stuck with 2 plaques that aren't the same looking? I do not believe bumps on a flat surface add to an 'antique look'.
I did not want to have it replaced because of the fact I didn't want to receive another one that had similar 'defects'.

My mistake was actually sending the plaque back @ $10 postage(cheapest), of which I was not going to be refunded, even though I was not happy with my item (not my fault I received 1 good plaque & 1 not so good) I think there should be a better return policy or a better description on the items (stating no item is alike- of the key wall plaques)
I worked for an independent company in the shipping department and there was a high level of quality control, which this company obviously must not have.
If i would have known they would not honor their products by covering my return costs, I would have kept the inferior quality plaque.
After not receiving a reply email to my last complaint email, this just got me more aggravated. Just got off the phone to them, getting nowhere, and now I am just $10 gypped and unsatisfied. They said they have never had a complaint about this item... well then... now they can tick it off their list.

I am very angry with this and their lack of customer service and satisfaction (which is 0%) and will never shop with this company again and will tell everyone I know about this.

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