please. I need help in getting a refund fromv traffic phoenixs

by alana

I had purchased the software on Jan 23rd 2012, It never worked. When I purchased there was a disclaimer that no refund would be allowed, I thought fine as I was putting my trust in this product and James Sides was promoting it with these thieves.

I emailed them telling them it was not working the day I got it. They basically gave me the run around. I still had it in my head that a refund was not available to get.

It is now the 13/03/2012, I the software is still not fixed and I have many emailing back and forth proving it has never worked.

Please help, what can I do? I feel so robbed. I am only now finding out that it is a big thing and they are thieves.

contact me on

I have lost trust in all online ventures now, all I wanted was to make money as was told, instead they are the ones making money.

It cost me £815.00, I feel horrid knowing that I gave them money I had to borrow!! Please help anyone.

This is Linda the admin first off I am so very sorry you lost your money but do not give up hope and instead of contacting the thieves contact SWREG who processed your payment and also the FBI and the FTC that one if very important and also your bank and credit card company and show them all of the proof that it has never worked for you and that you have tried and tried to contact those people and have gotten nothing for your effort except a big hole in your bank account. Do not give up quote to them that the law is that if a software does not work then by law you have the option to either have it replaced, credit given for something else or a refund and it is your option which you take.... take the refund! Tell SWREG if they do not refund you that you will report them to the FTC and you will have your credit card do a charge back on them and this should get you your refund but remember they will stall for awhile just to see if you go away just do not go away and a refund you will get! Sorry but SWREG is not playing fair either and as far as we know a part of the scam as well. The FBI and FTC are looking into this and for that reason right now SWREG is doing refunds as they know the law requires them but they first want to see if you know that so show them you mean business and get your refund!

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