Point Click Commission!

by Carlos Grant
(Brookland, AR USA)

Linda! I'm glad I read some of your SCAM reports. I am trying to get a refund on Traffic Phoenix. I just ordered PCC last night and went through it and it is not for me. As soon as I write this, I'm putting for a refund on Clickbank. Clickbank has been real good so far on refunding me. I need to be one of the the actors that are pushing these scam products. I have tried a lot of them and none of them work. You can get some ideas from them. I signed up for SBI and reinstated Wealthy Affiliates through you and I am going to concentrate on these programs and forget all of the easy money SCAMS. They just dont work and I have spent hours reading and watching the videos and still have not made a dime. I have never had one to work like they show in the Webnairs. I have a low priced monthly progran ($14 a month). If I send you the website, could you check it out and tell me what you think? Thanks! Carlos Grant southern210@hotmail.com

Hi Carlos sure will check it out for you and let you know what I think and thank you for coming here and leting me help you avoid all of the scams out there. I am glad to be able to help you and others be safer on the Internet with my alerts I will be posting more ASAP. So please send me full information you have my private email please send it there. I will send information back to you and post on my website ASAP.


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