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The Power Sellers Union is maybe one of the best kept secrets on the internet. Where it is more than a membership site that specializes in connecting its membership with not only REAL WHOLESALERS, REAL DROPSHIPPERS, it also has a site with a great forum where members get together to help each other out.

This company has been around since Aug, 2008. The owner is Jason Gammon. They have maybe the best customer service I have ever seen from a website.

For example: On a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. I sent an email off to them asking for an interview. I want you to know on their website it says you will get an answer within 6 hours of request and I must admit I ignored that after all this was Sunday no one works much on Sunday.... well except me! So I figured if I got an answer by Monday sometime that would be great but never before!

To my Hugh surprise I got an email answer within 3 hours. I almost fell off my chair! And to top that off it was from Jason himself. He asked me to call him on Monday and gave me his private phone number. As it turned out I was not available on Monday so I immediately emailed him back that I was not available and asked if Tuesday was ok. So after a couple of emails on Sunday night we set a time on Tuesday to talk. I called him and the rest is history. But want you to know he was so honest in things he told me I knew immediately he was for real and a real nice guy to boot! I was glad I contacted The Power Sellers Union that is for sure!

He gave me permission to go into The Power Sellers Union site to have a look around and said he wanted me to have full access to everything there. So I took him up on that and had a look see.


On the home page of The Power Sellers Union site is a welcome and to left are the categories of the different wholesalers and dropshippers. Then you find NEW LISTINGS, RECENTLY UPDATED LISTINGS, and MOST POPULAR LISTINGS AND FEATURED LISTINGS.

This made it very easy to find whatever one was looking for or type of wholesaler or dropshipper they desired.


My favorite from there has to be the forum here is why...

When I visited the forum at The Power Sellers Union website what I found there was a place where members meet to help each other and example of one posting on there...

It was from a member who recently joined and was starting up an electronics store and needed badly some dropshippers to help them fill their inventory for the store. They said since they were new had no trade references and did not know who to choose they was somewhat worried. They did ask about one in particular drop ship distributer and wanted to know how they could verify if they were real or not?

Almost immediately they got a reply from the administrator of The Power Sellers Union stating that this company has been in business since 2002 and since being in business they have never had any not one complaint with the BBB and also they verify all their drop ship distributer by not only the use of the BBB, but also Pay Pal, and Google as their main forms of investigating. The administrator said try extremely hard to make sure all of the companies are safe, and honest for everyone.

This impressed me I must admit!

The administrator also supplied this member with 9 other dropshippers in the same area that they may want to use and told her why they were good and offered to help them even more later on, if the need may arise. They also told them how to get around the reference issues.

So it was our opinion that The Power Sellers Union really cares about its members.

I then looked at more posts and heck I even learned some things in there! I will be visiting there often from here on out!

Also there is a whole section on internet and PayPal scams and how to know them and how to keep from being taken by them. Any and all scams especially ones that pertain to auction sellers, website sellers and or dropshippers scams all covered.

This forum is so good and all the posts in there are recent ones so the forum is very active.

Now what I thought about The Power Sellers Union's wholesalers and dropshippers lists. No way could I go into each one as there are over 800 verified dropshippers and wholesalers.

They rotate around 300 of their verified real dropshippers and real wholesalers on a monthly basis to keep their directory fresh and active. They are constantly adding only verified new listings as they find them. I did do searches for ones I knew for a fact they were not real or were nothing but middle man operations and none of them did I find in their directory.

That made me have lots of confidence that they did not endorse middle man dropshippers

The Power Sellers Union staff are professionals in locating real dropshippers and real wholesalers while leaving the scam ones alone and not putting them into their directory.

I kept thinking there has to be something wrong here but I just could not find it.

The Power Sellers Union website is easy to get around on and find just about whatever you want to find. The customer service is great the forums are great. I am not sure there is anything else I can say about them except if you really want a store website you would be crazy to go anywhere else and get it, because they will make you a website that is about as professional as I have ever seen and do it for pennies compared to others we have seen on the Internet. You will find out more about that at the end of this review.

Oh and very important they do not have an affiliate program that alone is why you may not know who they are. As the Internet is not flooded with reviews by people who will only do a positive review like this one if getting paid to do so! Without getting paid to do it they simply do not bother.

We are not getting paid to say what we did nor do we want to, because everything we have said is the truth. We want our followers to know if we do a review it is a truthful review not just because someone paid us to say nice things! They do have real dropshippers and real wholesalers on their site we can attest to that!

We feel that The Power Sellers Union is a company filled with great people who truly care about their membership and want to make the Internet a better place like we do and we 100% endorse this company and think you should give them a try.

The fees for joining are $65.00 for a Standard lifetime membership! YES I SAID LIFETIME NOT MONTHLY, NOT YEARLY BUT LIFETIME, try to find that anywhere else with so much to offer! That is where you have access to all of their dropshippers and wholesalers list and the forum, customer service and advice etc.


Go for the Premium membership at $99.00 and you get all of the above plus unlimited templates so you can build your own store and I am here to tell you they are some of the best we have seen!


Go for the E-commerce website sale going on right now for $399.00 yes that is the complete price for ALL OF ABOVE PLUS THEY WILL BUILD YOU A WEBSITE FOR YOU AND DO ALL THE SEO TOO! Once you see how nice their work is there you will never again let someone sell you a website for hundreds maybe thousands of dollars more and end up with so much less. I know one day if I want a new store I will go straight to Jason.

They are selling just 20 at this price then the sale goes back to what it was before think it is like $200 more and that is so reasonable too! So hurry if you want a store and one of the best kept secret places on the internet to call home!


Go for the deluxe E-commerce website sale and get all of above plus they will add product of your choice to your store for $699.00 this alone will save you hours of work and well worth the cost!

They also have an Exclusive Coaching/Mentoring programs but you need to contact Jason about the cost there but one thing we know whatever the cost is you could not find a better group of people to hire!

In conclusion we highly recommend The Power Sellers Union and feel you cannot go wrong becoming their newest member today!

To visit The power Sellers Union Website Please click here


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