Product Sourcing is just a mini doba dropship company that is totally not worth signing up for!

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Product Sourcing is owned exclusively by Doba LLC. They are exclusely just a mini Doba.

Their total job is to toy with you by giving you a free membership. They are just another true middle man company and you do not get real wholesale prices.

What we found there is with your free membership you get the following:

No products available to you without upgrading worth selling.

Well maybe some but believe me not much. Especially if you sell on eBay you may spend lots on listing fees just to see no sales.

All products have a high like $4.00 dropshipping fee plus high shipping fees or a not anywhere near wholesale price .

Product Sourcing's fees more than make up for no monthly fee if you sell much at all.

Here is an example

Disney Interactive

Alice in Wonderland Wii

Product ID: 5576118

Item ID: 5925976

Supplier: Diamond

SKU: 01718

Product Status: in-stock

Price: $18.99 (Wholesale)

MSRP: $19.99

MAP: none

Avail Quantity: 14

Est. Ship Cost:(single item) $8.50 Drop Ship Fee: $0.00

We found the exact same thing on eBay for:

sells price of $9.99

shipping price of $3.50.

So if you want to sell this go to ebay for much better deal.

Soon Product Sourcing's phone calls start in where they call you to upgrade you. They proudly tell you they are owned by Doba. They tell you that you can get an upgrade through them the same as Doba for $39.95 a month. Where if you go to Doba you pay $49.95 a month. So you think wow what a deal. You tell them you can not find anything to sell they say that is because the free membership is very limited. You say you are so right. They say all the good prices and products are in the upgraded premium membership. You think it over kind of tempted but you say NO!

Do not think if you tell them no once or twice or even six times the phone calls will stop either! Well they will not till you get so mad and threaten them enough or just hang up on them each time they call! Then count on another one later on down the line months later. Soon you are talking to them like an idiot who just does not understand or in a phony accent just to irritate them to hang up on you for a change and maybe just maybe not call back. One day they will stop but not too soon.

First off what they tell you on those calls are not all true.

Doba as much as I do not like them because of many of the same things I am saying here about this company, they at least have some other features you will never find at product Sourcing.

Also you will not have the same amount of products and or sources that they come from as Doba. The reason for this is Doba does not really care as much about them as they do their parent company.

This is simply just a advertising avenue for Doba so they can capture more of the market out there. Maybe they can get you to buy both. Wow what a deal for Doba!

If you do upgrade to premium membership you soon find by time you add on a couple of other options you probably will want you are paying same fees as Doba.

The only things we can find good about this dropshipper is if you are new to dropshipping you may want to give them a try just to educate yourself some before you try a real dropshipper.


This is product sourcing link to their home page if you want a free dropshipper or dropship education and can put up with the agrivation go here

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