Refund after 4 months......There is Justice!!!!

by Robin

Like many of you I bought a copy of Traffic Phoenix back in June 2011 after a webinar....BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!

After watching the required videos and reading everything there is to set the software up I did that, but started having problems very quickly.... My disc space exploded and got chewed up within days..12 GB and it was like an unstoppable machine.

I sent support an email on 18th July, explaining the issues....NO ANSWER!...I just kept on trying to solve the issues myself in the meantime...including deleted and reloaded the software again and again...

I sent another email on 28th July outlining this and another problem I am encountering...75% of videos did not load at all...NO ANSWER!

My next email went on 4th Sept...complaining that I get no support and the software is just sitting there...

They respond with a template seem to have a lot of problems...bottom line, lets connect via Skype...

Ok, I send them details on Sept 6th. and then hear nothing till I again chase it up ..they respond on Sept 15th...we have added you to Skype, please tell us when you want to connect.

Going back and forth they finally say on Sept 20th ...Nobody will be available for Skype calls this week, please send your issues in via this support desk....

Can you see what they are doing..they just kept on stringing you along and along to buy time to get way past any possibility of getting a refund...

Well, they got another email from me on Sept 21st, ....Hello Kelly,
With all due respect this looks like we are going on a merry go round…and and and....

My next email on Sep-23
Dear support,
with this software I am going from one disaster to another and I need some
answers please. This has been going on for 3 weeks now.
All my last requests - all still unanswered - ..

So on Sept 30th I get an email from Kelly again...
Kelly, Sep-30
....You seem to have a lot of queries. We can schedule a Skype call after the 10th October


Now I have had patience has been better than expected so far, but enough is enough.... my next email requests a refund:


...Considering that I have sent so many requests for support and am getting nowhere, I am requesting a refund for this software...

Now watch the answer I get:

Felicity, Oct-09:
It seems you have a lot of questions to get your answers and help that is requested as fast as possible would you like to arrange a Skype call to help you with the ...


My email to them...

Dear Support,
……does this look familiar to the email you just sent me:????
Felicity, Sep-05:
It seems you have a lot of questions to ....

Finally...I get this email from them

Joan, Oct-10:
Unfortunately, we cannot refund your purchase as its over the 30 day money back guarantee. Please let us know of a convenient time ..

Ok there are still a few emails going back and forth with me saying this ticket is not closed UNTIL I GET MY REFUND......failing which

• I will contact the FBI and File a report on this scam
• I will file a complaint to the IC3 office
• also I am aware of the Implied Warranty of Merchantability Law and as such you would be breaking the law if you fail to refund the 997 Dollars
• Finally, I am sure SWREG would be interested in hearing from me on this as well...
This has to stop, I am tired of this scam – I WANT MY REFUND OF 997 DOLLARS NOW!...

At the same time I filled Plimus in on the actions and requested support from them to get a refund....

They were BRILLIANT..... ...their first email to me ...considering that it has been more than 30 days..this has gone straight to the management at Plimus...I also sent them a link to this website to support my claims that Traffic Phoenix are a fraud...scam...

The next emails to Traffic Phoenix from me where copied to Plimus to keep them in the loop and for them to see how TP string their clients along...

I also filed a report with IC3 2 days I had a few things running at the same time with the objective .........NEVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!!!

This morning I go to my inbox and I see all the efforts were worth it.... Plimus, refunded the full amount nearly 4 months after the purchase... I checked Paypal..yes it's there, my credit card...yes the refund has gone through....WOW...I am sooooo happy....

My thanks go to this website for all the tips of what to do and how to go about it.... and a BIG THANK YOU TO are brilliant!.....

What this story should tell you is NEVER GIVE UP...DON'T LISTED TO TP SAYING YOU CANNOT GET A REFUND BECAUSE IT IS PAST 30 DAYS.....Keep on trying and trying and trying UNTIL YOU SUCCEED!!!

Hi this is Linda the admin here Thank you very much for your story hope that helps others out there that have or are about ready to give up as if you fight the right way always mention this site they hate me and know I will get them if they do not refund you. Yes they are breaking the law if they do not refund and there is something to the old saying the squeeky wheel always gets the greese in this case it is the cash back that you deserve! Again thanks for telling the world your story! AND NEVER GIVE UP AS YOU WILL WIN!

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Jan 28, 2012
Traffic Phoenix
by: John

I made my purchase in July also but thru PayPal.

I have not had any luck getting help from PayPal on a refund.

I will try thru SWG and see what happens. They are trying to help me get a refund for another scam " Instant Ranker"

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