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Salehoo is a membership Directory of distributer wholesalers and dropshippers plus a lot more.

Here is what we thought of their programs

When you first buy a membership into Salehoo you fine on their members home page.

1. On left side is a section on favorites which includes all of your favorite searches you have previously done this we think can be very helpful. Here is why...

You will find under this you’re most recent


Categories they are in

The name of the supplier and link to them

2. The top navigation shows...

MEMBERS HOME PAGE ... which is where you are now

SALEHOO'S DIRECTORY ... takes you to their directory page the meat of the website what you want to go to when you need a new supplier or want to see what is newly added.
Important thing you find when visiting there is the reviews of each supplier there and you will soon know if they just sell wholesale, wholesale and dropship, and Most Important what the power seller thinks of them!
WE VERY MUCH LIKE THEIR DIRECTORY... With the exception they do have a few middle man suppliers so always always always look at the membership's reviews too and decide for yourself which ones are best for you to use!

SALEHOO'S FORUM ... takes you to their members only forum. Their Wholesale & eBay Forum
This we found to be excellent! We visited it and watched the reaction of comments people made and suggestions of good suppliers and those others did not like and why and then comments from members. This is very helpful and showed us that members really help each other out there.

We also liked the topics and categories of the forum...
Marketplace ... products for sale
Wholesale Discussion ...importing and customs, selling products online, dropshippers and dropshiping, general trade advice, product source and suppliers, suppliers wanted, products and brands, scams.. Rip-offs.. Frauds.. And complaints
Community Discussion ... coffee lounge

Our REVIEW OF THESE FORUM TOPICS AND DISCUSSIONS SHOWED US …that every one of the above categories have recent discussions and shows that this is a very active forum.

We looked at every one of the above topics and then categories and found so much helpful information we have to give Salehoo a LARGE GOLD STAR FOR HAVING A GREAT FORUM FOR THEIR MEMBERS!

If you use the forum you can stay up to date on what is happening in the dropship community and know Salehoo is helping to protect you in all areas and gives you so much information just in there forum alone.


There is so much more Salehoo has to offer keep reading.

EDUCATION ... This takes you to one of the best educations about dropshippers, wholesalers and what to do once you find them and how to be successful once you do find them we have ever see. Here are the areas and some of the topics and categories they have! To be honest there is so much here we can only tell you about just a fraction of what is there.

on left side you will find ...

GUIDES, Here you will find 7 downloadable Guides to help you be very successful in your wholesaling and or dropshipping career! These guides have over 100 pages of very valuable information. A must read for everyone!
Here you will find 3 very strong articles telling you how to deal with common problems you may encounter
Here you will find 8 things you need to know concerning importing, exporting and shipping to various countries. This all is a must read!
Here you will find 10 articles on how to know what to sell and where to find them. Great articles!
Here is a must read 18 section guidebook starting at beginner eBay seller to advanced and everything in-between! Do not even try to sell on eBay or other auction sites without reading this first!
This 10 section course has everything you really need to know on getting your business set up the right way and keeps you out of problems later!
Here you will be introduced to two great tools for anyone wanting to have a eBay store and sell products at a profit!

RESEARCH LAB ... Here is where Sahoo has a area to do detailed research on what you want to sell and should you Create a new research project ... Here you start a new keyword search. view project history ... Here you view your previous searches What's Hot What's Not ... Here you find out exactly that what is the hot products which ones are cold Your reports ... Here is where your finished research reports are kept so you can review them or print them out. FAQ This is where if you are confused or want more information on anything in the Research lab you can find your answer here and take a tour too so you learn to get the best benefits out of it.

Each of these is very much worth going to once you become a member with such valuable information and there is absolutely no way you cannot succeed if you really look and use their directions!

In conclusion here is our thinking of Salehoo as a good membership Distributor wholesaler and dropship Company.

We looked at all the pros and Cons and think that they are absolutely a winner! They currently have over 8,000 suppliers and a membership of around 75,000. So seems they must be doing many things the right way.

They have several plans to offer you for becoming a member it is up to you to choose the one that fits your needs best.

Here they are...

Membership is $67.00 a year

Also at time of signing up you are presented with a couple of package deals to add to your membership fee like a chance to also include the Sky High Auctions at a total price of both for $147.00 where if you purchased both outside of this offer the total cost is $297.00. That saves you if you wanted both $150.00 and we think that is a real bargain.

That is a onetime offer only and will not be offered later.

But no matter what package you take or if you just get a membership you cannot go wrong with Salehoo as they are a company who truly cares about its members and are constantly trying to improve on their service and researches all of their suppliers.

The only thing we did not like is they do have some middle man resellers in their directory but you can easily know in a snap who they are. The reviews made by the members also tell you who to use or just go to the forum and ask questions everyone there has a mindset of helping each other be successful.

Salehoo has education and tools that help you all the way and will get back to you immediately if you have any questions or concerns unlike other companies we have seen.

So we say try them you got nothing but success ahead of you if you do!

Please go to Salehoo website and see for yourself click here

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