Save AMC, OLTL and GH

by Tony

Will ABC stop this ridiculous ploy to want to cancil our beloved soaps AMC,OLTL and GH. In order to put idiotic reality shows.Absolutely NO NEVER WILL THE FANS ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN GO TO HELL BRIAN FONS. You need to be fired. What the hell are you doing, you are just disrespecting the millions of fans out there, that have made these soaps popular. We will never allow you to take THEM away from us. You have already lost me as a viewer of ABC progrmming for the last two weeks. I only watch AMC,OLTL and GH. Goodbye to all the other programming. Where is all your sense gone to ABC down the drain. Fans cannot do without ERICA CANE or VICKI BANKS or ROBIN SCORPIO. Save the soaps.No reality shows will ever replace our beloved soaps. More love in the afternoon.

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