I would like to appeal to ABC to save our soaps. These shows are a part of Americana, our history, and should not be tossed aside so lightly. Through the years these shows have delivered quality storylines regarding major issues, thereby giving people a chance to see how to deal with some very poignant subjects. The soaps have been able to teach us about ourselves and to be able to even laugh a little once in a while. We've heard about drugs, alcohol, rape, sexual orientation, and the list goes on and on through the soap genre--and in many cases have been taught some lessons along the way. One thing we don't need is any more reality shows or cooking shows, there's enough of those already. We several channels already dedicated to cooking, and as far as reality goes--we see enough of that on the news every night. Who needs to watch it as a so called television show too. I for one will not be watching ABC once the soaps are gone, so count me in as one of the +20 million that won't be buying products that are advertised on ABC. I would suggest to ABC that if that was a valid rumor that Sony offered $200 million to buy the soaps that they take it--after all a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...

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