Saving All My Children

by Donna Burkey
(Alvin Texas USA)

I have watched All My Children since it first began. I got my mom to watch it and then my sister and when my daughter was old enough she watched in and continues to watch it along with her daughter and her son is a great fan of OLTL.

I was a military wife. I can't tell you what a relief of worries it was for me to sit down with AMC and cast my worries away for that special time each day.

When I went overseas with my husband for 5 years I was so sad to part with my show that my mom audio taped it for me every single day (VCRS were unheard of then) That has to show what a comitted fan I was then and still am to this day.

My husband was gone a lot during his 27 years of service and you have no idea how this show helped me each day. I know there are others out there that wear the same shoes that I did then. This is not just a show. Its like tradition passed down from one generation to the next. I swore I would be up in heaven one day waching from above. These people become my family away from home. I laughed with them and cried with them through the years.

I have to laugh when I think of the trip we took with our camper to Alaska. WE would pull into a camp site just before AMC and I would battle with the tv stations to find AMC. My huband knew I would be a very upset wife if I missed an episode. It just a part of me...a dear part. Please don't take it away.

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