Scam Expands - NIGEL RICHARDS in on it now as well

by Uwe

It seems I was dumb enough to get sucked in and bought it during "Nigels" EXCLUSIVE webinar on the 15th with "Charlie?" that was never to be repeated!?!

After wasting 3 hours on the webinar, I spent a further 3 hours working through their training videos and set up first campaign. Using their music video example, now after two days it turns out that there is NOT ONE video that fills the criteria any more..

It is now obvious that these are ALL scam artists flogging a software that they probably have had a great run with and exhausted all the top trending vids in all the niches.
With some focus or a group of VA's and the power of the software, probably done in less than a month.

Nigel and Charlie seem to be some of the biggest liars I have come across in my 4 year IM career.

They said this was totally exclusive, and NEVER TO BE REPEATED and the sales page stopped at 1 Unit available after extending the webinar to 3 hours.

Then within hours, I get 3 further push emails from Nigel for ANOTHER instance of the webinar for the next day, as he was "hammered" by his subscribers who get not get on to the 1000 people seminar.

Then I get 2 emails on another list by some Jamie Lewis character.. Looking at his Sales Page I thought he somehow got a hold of the previous nights webinar recoding that showed attendees (which only has around 600 attendees by the way)

It seemed that Jamie went the distance to VOICE-OVER Nigels' introduction of Charlie as the rest of the webinar is exactly the same, in order to make it look like it was HIS webinar.

Reading your forum, it is probably the other way around.


Nigel, I dare you to respond publicly here to clean this up. Lucky I bought YOUR product which brought me onto your list in the first place through Clickbank and get a straight refund from there.

I want my $997 back and hope that Paypal honours a refund request or maybe YOU want to put your money where your mouth is and refund us suckers.

damn, puts a real damper on my IM sentiment, you guys should be banned from the net..


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May 10, 2018
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May 10, 2018
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Oct 08, 2015
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Sep 30, 2015
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Jul 25, 2011
Charli and Nigel Scam Hogs
by: Scammed


I totally agree with your analysis. They scammed me too. There was one training video that explained some of the basics, but the rest of the information was not there. I have made several attempts to get a refund and have had no luck. contact me at my email so we can possibly come up with a way to expose these frauds.


John -

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