Screwed By the TrafficPhoenix

by John
(Dolores, Colorado, USA)

I like most who bought the TP (Traffic Phoenix) was at one of the wabinars and was sucked in.

I bought in on Sept 13th when only one copy of the software was left, boy was I lucky.. anyway I got it all set up and got it going and lo and behold I was getting RED HOT BALLS and increased views of the videos by the thousands & Thousands but no messages were being sent. I thought man after all those views there should be at least 1 damb message sent but NOOOOOoooo! So I created a ticket to let support know what was going on and all of a sudden 50 messages in one campaign showed up as being sent and I did get one answer, the guy said.. Hell no I'm tired of these damb messages! No more messages were ever sent and I had 15 campaigns going for about two more weeks! After that I thought them people at TP must running this software and controlling everything I'm doing from my end and just screwing with me for some reason.

So, I am dissatisfied by this time and ask for a refund and don't get a response until a bout a week later from Felicity (every one knows Felicity)LOL She tells me she wants to skype me and work thru my issues with the software, I then email here back and tell her I don't want to work out any issues I just want a refund and don't hear from her for another week or so and I email back and by that time the thirty day guarantee period had run out, Felicity mails me back stating that the 30 days was up and that she couldn't refund my money! But I had in fact requested a refund on the 25th of September, boy did that #$%@6 play me! It went on until the 4th of November but as you can see I never got a refund, I just got screwed big time!

If you know anyone who wants to buy 1 TraffficPheonix software license with all the bells and whistles I'd be more than happy to sell mine for half price as is but no guarantee LOL

OH, I see that Charlie is at it again, be ye warned.. arrr!!


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