SOS or be Sue!

by Tessa Kendall McKenzie
(New York Ciity )

We have been everything, protesting, calling, pleading, writing, petitioning ect..... It's time to take it to the next level. Sue, for mental distress, discrimination, how many of you has it distress your health, your blood pressure, caused you depression ext. How many student had dropped their grade due to ABC and Disney murdering our soaps. I said we had enough let's take it to the next level. I was told to start a class action law sue, the first step is to have a hard copy petition. So, in NYC we are going to start this petition at the protest and we encouraging all the state to do the same.

By next week I'll have our facebook page, "Have you been mentally hurt by ABC and Disney?".

If a woman can sue McDonald because she eat McDonalds everyday and she got fat and won. What about us, I personally since April 14th, been in Exhity mode I haven't been myself, I even separate my self from my friend, I'm worry about my soaps to can enjoy any other activity. It's not even about making our voice heard by ABC and Disney. The fact is their greedy, when the stock holder and advertiser will hear the news that they get sue by their own viewers and consumer how long do you think it will take before they pull off? Better question, how long do you think before they blame everything on Frons and reverse their decision in regards of our soaps?

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