Spare us from Traffic Phoenix...

by jay
(Detroit area)

It was the Traffic Phoenix webinar that drove me to request (and receive) a CB refund for my recent IE purchase. I have attended a LOT of seminars and webinars in my time. But I've sat through few presentations so seemingly without shame as this one.

For nearly an hour, we were subjected to an evangelical rant about this secret key that was going to open the vault for us. They sounded on the verge of losing bladder control over this 'thing' to be offered.

Charlie served up a rags to riches tale that took about 12 minutes but could have been better presented in 90 seconds. It might have been more refreshing to leave it out completely. Who cares? Only some poor rube that cries over old Waltons episodes is going to be bent by a bachelor hard luck story.

'Phoenix was dropped from a thousand dollars or more down to a couple of hundred as a hot deal for this webinar. Now, Jameie, Travis and Charlie, I have a question. WHY do you deep discount an innovative new product that's explosively profitable to use?

Let me go one better. WHY would you offer something with such magic and muscle at a webinar? Wouldn't Phoenix more likely be packaged in a gold foil, scented carton, surrounded by Pinkerton guards and a few gorgeous models at a software tradeshow? Since this work of genius can be expected to rake in $50,000 a month, wouldn't it pay for itself in 2+ weeks? And so, shouldn't your price point logically be about $30,000 (special show price)?

Traffic Phoenix could be the collector's item of 2011. Seriously. It's my pick as perfect for the software collector who wants a unique conversation piece installed on his/her C drive.

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