Steve Iser associated

by Scott Pearce
(Hamilton On Canada)

I am so fnnnnn dissapointed in this Traffic Pheonix, because Steve Iser was associated with this crap and i thought he was a guy u could trust in the IM world...the guy is a complete douche bag in my eyes....and i live just down the road from him in Hamilton Ont. as he lives in Toronto..I am just looking for a honest way to make a living on the net.....i so know it possible.... dissapointed....

Steve this is Linda this websites administrator I am sorry do not get so dissapointed as there are good ways to make money online some honest ways and if you need to get a refund please please come read my page on how to get a refund as this site has helped hundreds maybe thousands now get refunds.
Also check out my ways to make money pages part 1 and part 2 both are ways I personally make money online and you can too and both are 100% up and up and are SCAMS I have been using both for years now. I also explain to you in detail no hype just facts how you can make money with them and why they work. I do that because I am so tired myself of all the scams online and that is why I am busting as many affiliate scams as I can and have time to do. Book mark this site and come back often as when I know for sure something works I will put it up and tell you about it and also if I know it is a scam I am not afraid to tell the world that too!

Good luck and do not give up

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Aug 13, 2011
down the road.....from you....

Isnt Hamilton Ontario to Toronto Ontario a 45 minutes to 1 hour drive. Better get your geography straight....Actual distance: 65.7 km or 40.8 mi
and you live in Canada?????

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