Such a sad, ridiculous, non-quality World!

by Deborah
(Cordova, TN)

I have been watching AMC and OLTL since I was a child. I used to watch them with my grandmother and now when I watch them, I think about the great times that we had together. I feel closer to her when I watch them. I really miss my grandmother and I really miss my soaps already. I started a tradition with my daughter and she loved them also. Now, she is literally heart broken and confused. Our society has been reduced to falling in love with watching women argue and fist fight each other and we love it. Well, at least some do. While telling our children to "Stop the Violence" and "Turn the other cheek." Where have our morals and scrupples gone? The other time, we watch cooking shows and foam at the mouth while becoming the most overweight country in the world. We have become bi-polar in the face of all of the back and forth. Reality shows that bear no resemblance to most of our realities have taken over and those of us who actually like real quality programming. I am tired of it and cannot believe that these ill-intended PTB have made such disturbing decisions and that they do not care what the people who have made their pockets fat, think or want. We need to do something about this until AMC and OLTL are brought back to network television. Don't come back to reality, from bad reality when you see that your proposed "replacement" shows have failed miserably PTB's, do it now! Stop being ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

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