"sucker for punishment".

by joel macneill
(Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada.)

Hello, I have had commission tsunami for about 70 days and i have been seeking a refund for 40 of them. After 1 month, many websites and NO results, I asked for a refund. No support, automated responses to get me aggravated and to top it off, software does NOT work! period! Contacted SWREG and they wont help me. Will have to play hardball, unless someone can help me out of a rut! Desperately need a refund as i need money to survive.

This is Linda the admin have you contacted your credit card company or your bank and told them that SWREG is not wanting to give you a refund you see SWREG once they know you have contacted your credit card company because the software does not work and they do not want the credit card company to do a forced refund as the credit card companies are threatening to shut them down because of all the fraud that goes through their processing company all you need to do it threaten them by saying your credit card company is going to do a charge back and a report and also threaten them with our website address tell them that Linda here at our website is helping you and scares the hell out of them too as they know I work with the FBI and let us know how it goes.

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