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where we give you tax help for your tax problems of back taxes and show you how to get an IRS offer in compromise and not get scammed instead that are all over the Internet and TV!

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Welcome to our tax debt Review

If you owe back taxes and are seeking a Tax relief solution and help this Review is being written to help you save thousands of dollars!

It will open your eyes to the many back taxes debt relief scams out there all over the TV and Internet from vultures wanting your last nickel and will never help you at all!

As I was at my computer writing this review I wondered just which one of the hundreds of tax debt relief companies all over the TV and Internet to expose and low and behold one came on TV right then and volunteered so Bingo.... will be the focus of this review.

First want to say 7 out of 10 of tax debt relief companies are all alike so would not matter in most cases which company I chose and unless you knew about their tactics and knew how to check them out, which we will clearly show you how to do.


Most people who find themselves in this situation are scared. The big bad IRS wolf is scary to us all. So they seek out a tax debt relief company to cure all of their back taxes problems.

But calm down there are ways to settle you tax debt problems and get the tax help you need and is easier than you think. You do not ever need to hire one of the Scum Scam Fraud tax debt Companies that are rapid on the Internet and Advertise all over the TV! You can get the help you need and never fall for a tax debt relief scam just follow this report.

Most are just telemarketing rooms with skilled shark callers who lie to you and say anything so you send in money to them and then never do a thing to help you. Most make you pay on the low end $2000 but often it can be $5,000 or more just to take your case and remember more you owe the more you pay. That is all these tax debt relief companies do is take your case and cash and nothing else later on down the line is ever done. They also change their names like some people change their clothes have loads of phone numbers and when you call you get the answer phone for the this week’s name they were using when they first talked to you. Most tax debt relief companies also are members of the BBB because anyone can be a member just pay a fee and bingo you look good to the general public. There are many of them on the Internet and many of them all belong to the same person or group of scammers. There are lots of TV commercials for them and those too are under numerous of names. They seldom stay in one location for long.

Here is how tax debt relief companies operate to pull off their tax relief scam on you.

You see their add on TV

That sends you to a website like

Which gives you to an 800 number to call

Which belongs to a boiler room of high skilled lead generators Who will tell you anything they think you want to hear just to take your information! This telemarketing room usually works for more than one of the tax debt relief scams companies or depending on what you tell them they know which division of the company they are getting the lead for, or they will sell your information to the highest bidder of another company. They are experts at getting information out of you and then knowing just what is the best scam company fit is for you. And what they really are doing is qualifying you to see if you are a good target and gathering information on you that you willingly agree to give them when you call them... why because you are desperate for a way out of your back taxes problems! So depending on your answers and how qualified you are, how much you owe, they then decide who to refer you to! They generally want you to owe $10,000 or more in taxes and the more the better. They want you to think you are really talking to the relief company itself but you are just talking to their front guys or gals as women sometimes are the best convincing. This is a completely different company from the end company you will be scammed by. This company will also sell your information to more than one of these tax debt relief companies from time to time as they know not always the first one will get the sell but sooner or later you will take the bait because you are so frightened of the IRS and the problems of your back taxes. So often later on down the line you may get a call from a second or third company and wonder how did they find you now you know how they did. After being beat up enough by the calls and how frustrated and scared you are you take the bait.

The next step is to tell you they will have the president of the tax debt relief company personally call you back or it may be the attorney himself or some other person you are convinced will really be the right person to cure you back taxes debt.

Next step is you get a call from this saint of a God who is your answer to all your prayers or at least you think he or she is. But the reality is they are the hard core closer who earns usually 60% of money they convince you to pay for their so called wonderful guaranteed service to help you save thousands of dollars. These tax debt relief scam people are natural closers and if you ever thought some car salesman were bad you have not seen anything till one of these sharks gets a good hold of you they tell you every scary story they know and lie like nothing you can believe! What you actually will be doing is this...

Depending on how much you told the qualifying lead generator you owed the closer will tell you in order to cure your ills and make a clean sweep of your back taxes you will need to pay from $2,000 to $5,000+ again depending on how much you owe this fee can be a real payday for them. But you pay anything at this point just to get your special problem fixed. The tax debt relief scams closer then tell you some obscure amount usually around 85% less than you owe should be how much they can settle the account with the IRS and get you an offer in compromise from the IRS.

Please note here the tax debt relief scams closer often never use the term offer in compromise because they really do not want you to know the term reason being if you search this out yourself you find out how to do it yourself and if you know how to do it yourself and how easy it is to get you would soon know you do not need them. So they just convince you they are experts at making deals with the IRS.

They warn you not to communicate with the IRS but instead to just talk with them. They instruct you that you will need to do certain things they tell you they will file back taxes returns for you and other things that may or may not be needed to settle this with the IRS. They do this to keep you busy and give you nothing but busy work for stall tactics! They sound like they really know what they are doing and make it sound like a lot of technical work. They tell you things that you would never need to do but they do this to convince you that without their help you would be a sitting duck waiting for the IRS to pull a Gun on you and shoot you dead. Their main aim is to scare you more than you already are! The offer of compromise is nothing to be scared of talking to the IRS about as we will show you later.

Many people tell them that is not something they can afford to do and surprise they do not give up that easy but after more talk and even a well you think it over and we can talk tomorrow they will come up with a payment plan. They then tie you to a payment plan of say anywhere from hundreds to thousands a month till paid. They say in mean time they will be working on your case as if you paid all of it up front. Remember the paperwork they give you well even if you do get it in to them they come up with more then and or say they did not get it send it again all of this is stall tactics to keep you busy. So you do the payment plan you send them the first payment, they tell you what to send in and give you a phone number to communicate with them and tell you if they for any reason they are not in leave a message believe me you will almost always get an answering phone. They usually do not like to make the payment plan any longer than 3 to 6 months long. Because the longer it takes to get your money the sooner you will become smarter to what they are doing or check them out and stop paying.

You are excited and for first time in long time you think you are safe once more and the mean ole IRS can go to hell because you got God on your side now! What you did not know is really you made a contract with the devil! They tell you if you do not hear from then than that means all is going great and not to worry. They will only contact you if a problem arrives. But miss a payment and they will be on you like flies on honey!

Now is time for your second payment then your third and so on till all is paid in full. If you call them while you still owe them money on the payment plan you get a call back saying something like all is going good and it should not be much longer just be patient and we will one day call you with some really good news. They say they are talking to IRS and waiting on them to replay the truth is they have never once called them on your behalf at all!

So you wait and wait and you are paid in full now and you make a call to them now there is no call back or phone is disconnected in some cases. If you do get the answer phone you think hmm maybe they did not get the message so you call again. Same thing no returned call. So you call again this time you do not give up you request the operator and she tells you something like oh Mr. So and So is no longer with the company and your case has been turned over to another person. So you call then the new person and they tell you that they just got your records and will be looking into everything ASAP and will get back to you ASAP and not to worry it all looks good but cannot give you details till they have time to review it all. If this has happened to you then you have for sure been scammed by the tax debt relief company and you should be getting on the phone immediately with the attorney general in your state and sending in a report!


So once again you wait and wait and no call. So you call again and again no call back and it all starts in all over again. By now you are starting to get worried and YOU SHOULD BE,


Finally you do some research on this company and find out that everyone who uses them gets the same treatment and they are a scam. Also by now the IRS is getting impatient and that $30,000 tax bill you had has grown to maybe $50,000 with penalties that because things they sent you requesting you do that you turned over to this debt tax relief company to do for you never got done. As a matter of fact nothing has been done or will be done by them. You now have no option but to call the IRS yourself and talk to them you feel like this is the end but really it is the begging of you being able to cure your back taxes debt problems. You find out that no one has contacted them on your behalf at all and they assure you that they know that if you used one of those companies and you tell them who it is they tell you they have not called and that it is your fault not theirs that you are still obligated for the back taxes plus now penalties. The IRS has a payment program and that is usually the first thing they offer you. You ask about a offer in compromise and they tell you that you need to qualify for one and that you need to do certain things and they offer a IRS website to go and fill out information so you can do that and see if you qualify for it.

Now Good News

Some of these companies actually do get you an offer in compromise they also will file back taxes for you and they will do pretty much what they say they will do for you!

Wow that sounds good right.

Wrong in some cases

For the following reasons… These companies charge you far more than the above one does above oh they get you a savings that is for sure if you qualify and the first lead company remember I saw on TV today that is the lead company and depending on your answers which one of the companies they send you to the above one or one of these sometimes you get a call from both.


Everything the second type of company does for you …. You can do yourself! If you need back taxes filed you can get a Tax accountant to do that for you for a small fee. The rest you can do yourself and here is how you can do it.

Simply call the IRS and explain to them what your situation is and they will steer you in the right direction they are not as heartless as you may think they are. They really are NOT THE BIG BAD WOLF you were so scared of but your best bet to getting a real back taxes problem solved. You can go to their website and find out if you qualify for an offer in compromise and get more information on settling you tax debt yourself. To see the IRS website for information on offer in compromise and more go here


step 1. check out their domain name see if it is a new one or one that has been around for some time. Can you find them doing a search or are they only found by top of page ADDS.

You can check out the age of the website and domain name by going to whois domaintools just put the website address into their search and do a search on it. There you will find out if the domain is new or old and how old. This is not a guarantee of anything they may have bought this domain years ago or use it off and on so never rely on this alone.

To go to whois domaintools click here

Step 2. Do check with the BBB by putting name of company in and see how many complaints they have but again this is no guarantee if they have few complaints if they are new that is natural not long enough to have built up many complaints if any yet.

To go to the Better Business Bureaus BBB go here

Step 3. The best way and the one we rely on most of all is the Ripoff Report put their name there and any person’s name there you know and see what you find. If they have scammed lots and they will have some recent maybe yesterday reports in there. This is the number one place we know of to check out if a company is real or not.

To go to the Ripoff Report go here

We hope this review on tax debt relief companies educated you some on one of the biggest scams out there and we hope your back taxes problems get taken care of and hope that you come back here soon as we will have more scams and frauds on the internet to be warned about and why not to be scammed ever on the internet!


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