Thank God I found you!

by Ana
(Chihuahua, Mexico)

Hi this is Ana, I am so glad I found a site like this. I´ve been looking for an opportunity on the web long time ago and had just disappointments. I really beleive on a business online on this generation but I just don´t know how to start. I´ve been buying scams all over and I am sick of them because mostly all of them you need a site and don´t have one. I have tried to build one by myself and OMG it really makes me go cucu.

I have a question though. I live in Mexico and english is my second language. I am affraid this is not for me again, becasue I don´t have much vocabulary. Do you think this could be for me?
Thank you

Hi Anna this is Linda the administrator thank you first of all for thanking me for my hard work and my goal is to help all I can. As for if you should to this with English not your first language my advice to you is this... If you understand English and can read it you can do it speaking it is not required. The training you get will be in English again if you understand it you will do fine. This is a SBI site and as you see it is doing great and will continue to do so. You can make money with a SBI site in many ways and you will be taught exactly how to do that. Adsense is one good way. Selling products is another. Affiliate marketing is a third and the list goes on and on. But the most important thing is you will get traffic. I have never paid for taffic once or did any of those things the so called Gurus try to sell you to do. I just built my site and it took off on its own. I do not have a billion links I have around 300 alexia shows less but I have many more than they show but only about 5 of those did I do a link exchange or ask for them. People just link to me and another thing to take into consideration is SBI sites are liked by Google so ranking and getting traffic natural is easy. Just write good pages no copying content and you will do great. SBI has a new site builder that this site is not done by and it is out of this world with extras I do not have as I am on the old site builder. I too am when have time going to do a new SBI site just so can use the new site builder. Good luck you will love it and keep me informed as to how you are doing.
PS you will love the built in SEO you get and more free stuff with your site. Remember too you get 90 trial if you not happy you get your money back.

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Jul 04, 2012
I´m so excited
by: Ana

Thank you for the time to answer me Linda.
I am very excited to start.

Hi this is Linda the admin.

You are so very welcome and keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. Do your video training and you will do great I am so happy you are getting going.


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