Thank You

by Justin

I used what you told me, thank you soo much.

It was nice knowing I'd have support for this.

I felt really empowered rather than like the victim. Here's what I did so others can to.

I sent reports to the:

-The FTC, Federal Trade Commision
-the FBI IC3

Then threatened them, which I was very much going to do anyways with contacting AND GOING TO GET ON THE PHONE WITH:
-The FTC, Federal Trade Commision
-the FBI IC3
-police department,
-e-mailing the referrer, Paul Ponna, which I did.
-saying I was going to get all the previous subscribers and -victims of this to go after them in court,
-threatening to sue,
-going to my bank to explain the situation,
-calling the payment processor SWReg
-looking for local agencies in their area, the UK, and online to use their resources to go after them, organizations used to protect people from scams.
-I was going to get an attorney.

Honestly, if they weren't going to give me a refund quickly, I was going to destory them. Because the amount of effort is not even close to $997, it would no longer be about the money, it would be about principle.

I used the Implied Warranty of Merchantability, meaning a product when sold by a merchant to the consumer was suppose to do what it says it's going to do. If not they are suppose to refund you or fix it. If they don't then they are breaking the law and committing fraud. or deception and can go to get fined, shutdown, all their stuff confiscated, refunds given to everyone, and then sent to prison.

I knew this would be a hassle, but if they hadn't given me a refund, I would have seen to their end. Given them a deadline as well.

This came after the product couldn't do what it said in the training videos, so I asked for help, I was blown off ignored for 2 days, then kind of helped once, which didn't do anything, then ignored for 3, sent about 7 more messages all ignored. I know this is a scam now.

So I did the things I mentioned above and I was going to do more, thankfully they have refunded me. Thank you for this great website resource.

I learned to be empowered, use my resources to the maximum, search for answers, be persistent, call people, ask for help, use every resource available to me to get them to know I am completely serious and will take full legal action. I kept records of everything and will keep them incase anyone else needs help.

I hope this helps everyone.

If you look at other websites you'll see that they do this every few weeks to scam more people.

Hi this is Linda the administrator here and Thank you for the review and the advice and thank you for telling me Thank you made my day!

Just for your information I found a new Scam out there and right now as I am typing this I am getting ready to put it on my site. So check back here often as I figured I better start posting more and more of these SCAMS OUT on the Internet as 99% of the reviews you see out there for these types of programs are all FAKE reviews. I am so tired of people being so dishonest in doing that, just to make a commission. One thing I will never do it do a FAKE REVIEW if I say something is good it is if I say it is not it is not! I am not afraid to tell anyone the truth. I make enemies from those so called Guru's doing that and I recently had one do a attack against me but come on big boys I am not afraid of any of you I will always tell the truth! Now come back and read my new scam review so you know what else not to buy!

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Aug 16, 2011
Thank you
by: Justin

I did report it, thanks for reminding me.

Aug 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

I did report it, thanks for reminding me though.

Aug 16, 2011
by: Beverley (Canada)

I am pleased and happy this site has helped you with your refund, as it did for me.
I only ask of you, to please report this to the IC3-FBI, where Linda has provided a link on her site, in order for the FBI to have more cases/complaints of these distributors/promoters/scam artists.
If you don,t - they win.....and continue winning....
They will just change their names of the companies and continue.... become more sophisticated..and ruin the reputation of this industry.
It will only take 2 minutes to complete the form.
Much appreciated and good luck to you

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