Thanks for the advice! I didn't buy because of you!

by Tom

So, I was on the webinar as well, actually, I missed it but saw what was puported to be a copy of it from Nigel who said that it would be taken down today. Heard the English guy from London do his thing, saw the same stuff about $997 only two copies left...and I stopped, and said to myself, "Hey, you've fallen for stuff like this in the about looking into it first and seeing if it's a scam?" Really glad I did and glad I found you guys. I'd even told my family about it, to go to the webinar and check it out because obviously, you want to help those you love to do well also...I've since apologized for not looking deeper before sending them the webinar link, and given them this link. Thanks for doing what you do, I feel bad for all those who have lost such time and money simply because of these guys efforts to scam us all again. Anyway, thanks for putting this site up, and for all those who have written in with your horror stories. Hang in there and I guess we all come away with the old addage...if it sounds too good to be probably is! Best! Tom from VA

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