Traffic Chaos: need help!

by Corrado
(Naples, Italy)

I posted also another message in which i explain my situation.I bought this software about 1 week ago.

Please may you suggest me what to do to get refund considering that i'm not american (i'm from italy) and in my software disclaimer there is written clearly POLICY: NO REFUNDS

I don't know if this clause is legal but....what theyr offer is illegal for sure. I mean they tell you lies. they tell you about great support, trainings, being taken by hand. all of theses are missing almost completely! and the help desk is something non-accettable!
here are some details:


the webinar with famous Charlie..

Please help me!


Hi Corrado this is Linda the Admin and I gave you some information on your other post please read that. Not sure about buying from Italy but like I told you consumer affairs protects buyers buying off Internet when products or software does not work. Just apply as much as you can from my traffic phoenix pages three of them read them all for ideas on what to do. Do not give up make your credit card company work for you too. SWREG hates hearing from them. These people keep reappearing and is really becoming over whelming as to how many scam products they have out there now. One day I pray I can write they are all in Jail and never to return again until them we will keep fighting them and SWREG needs to be taken off the Internet as without them Traffic phoenix scammers have no where to process your purchase (steal your money) SWREG has got to be a part of this SCAM and will go to jail one day with the scammers to or at least we hope so! Keep us updated.


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Jul 27, 2012
traffic chaos
by: Anonymous

They are a bunch of scammers alright.
They say they will set up an appointment over Skype, but when the time comes no show.
I feel sorry for those who bought. I involved Paypal to get my refund, and thankfully they did. I suppose they were scared of Paypal. SWREG? I don't want to talk about those bunch. I suggest you get Paypal involved if you paid via Paypal

May 03, 2012
They're at it again
by: Anonymous

Thay are doing another presentation tonight as this time. They took my money and I didn't get any heklp of refund from them.

Apr 04, 2012
Trouble withTraffic Chaos
by: Barry

I am having the same trouble with Traffic Chaos... anyone else having trouble with Traffic Chaos?

Thanks Barry

Mar 13, 2012
traffic chaos a scam?
by: Anonymous

I am also in similar situation. No customer support. I have written to SWREG for refund. Are they a scam?

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