Traffic Chaos - Traffic Phoenix: same story...suggestions needed!

by Corrado
(Naples, Italy)

I was one of the unluckies to buy this product about 1 week ago. now that product has been renamed Traffic Chaos. by researching on the net I see the same product has also one more name (Tube Assassin). omg!

Well, I'm not american. I'm from italy. so i don't know about your laws and please apoligize for my poor english. in my country is not allowed to set a product sale clause completely non-refundable. Law simply doesn't admit this and gives you at least 7 days to ask for a refund; no matter why.

so why i wrote that. in my Traffic Chaos disclaimer ther is clearly written :

"Refund Policy: No Refunds. "

Is this legal????here is the link

so you may check this.

in my case the webinar was kept by a guy named Charlie (of course same story!) introduce by Eric Holmlund!!(at least that voice said it was him presenting). and it much more than possible considering that the invitation for that "exclusive" webinar I received from the mailing list Traffic Firsale owned properly by the guru Eric Holmlund.

The guy named Charlie could be somehow probable a one named James Sides as this research evidences:

(remeber Tube Assassin is Traffic Phoenix...that si also Traffic Chaos)

Please any advices?? for me and for all of us

thank you very much

you may also contact me by e mail at
or skype corrynig1978

This is the Admin Linda
Sure Glad Italy stands behind you with a guaranteed money back policy just contact SWREG and send them the law for Italy that says it is the law there they must refund you and keep all correspondence for all of this and also contact your bank and or credit card company immediately. Here we have the The Office of Consumer Affiars states that:

When purchasing a product on the internet is there a 30 day refund policy by law

So when asking a refund from your Credit Card Holder Company, you can quote this... Hope this helps.

Thank you for your email concerning online shopping and refund policies. The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation provides consumers with basic information about their rights and responsibilities.

Each online merchant can have a different refund/return policy, you will need to read the disclosed policy carefully. There is no law that guarantees a 30 day refund policy. Merchants are not obligated to accept items for refund, exchange, or credit.

However, under the Massachusetts Implied Warranty of Merchantability law, merchants cannot use its disclosed policy to refuse the return of defective merchandise and must allow you the choice of repair, replacement, or refund.

I hope you find this information helpful.
Also put in a complaint with the FTC and the FBI and let Swreg know you are doing this and you should get a refund. Good luck and let us know how you did.

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Mar 09, 2012
Traffic-Chaos Scam!!!
by: Amara

Thank you Linda for keeping your website up to alert the public to protect themselves from this BIG scam, especially, the con artist, Chalie.

I was on the webinar hosted by Traffic Firesale the minute I've heard his voice (Charlie)I immediate alert people in the chat room but there were a lot of people raving how real this guy is and how lucky they are to get the information from him. Same old, song 15 limited licenses release. He hasn't change the way he manipulated people the only changes were rehashed the software and rename it and priced the same $997.

I don't know how long this guys can carry on scamming people and get a way with it. Where the FTC and the FBI.

Please, please people, if you purchase any products online, please ensure that if the product didn't give the results you want you can get your money back, I don't care if it $5 or $10.


This is Linda the admin ty Amara for alerting us to this new scam! I have no idea when Charlie will get the AX just hope it is soon!

Mar 04, 2012
about refund
by: Corrado

Hi Linda,

first thank you for your effort to help community to choose the best for them and support in case of scams.

About the refund policy....

well, I can understand it could be legitimate to not set a refund policy but....(and i'm sure it works the same every countru almost).... if a product is offered with an amount of features such as for ex. full trainings, continuosly mailing tricks, direct and quick and effective jelp desk by skype and more..... and then....they don't provide you what they were going to give you by their offer.....I'm sure something changes quite much.

I mean, in this case the policy of no-refunds is not applicable because the concept is that they are simply NOT respecting the terms of a contract between them and the customer. and in this case, you surely know even better than me, They are JUST not respecting THEIR terms of the contract of sale.

By this point of view, things change very much and I'm sure that a customer is being protected by law:

definitely now we are not on the field of the refund policy but in the field of honouring the terms of contract.

I'll be glad to get you opinion about this aspect.

thank you again Linda!

Hi Linda here crooks never honor anything they do not have to. You are right on when you say they are not honoring their policies and should be called on it. But also remember what the The Office of Consumer Affiars says and is a law that when you buy a product or software off the Internet you have the right to get a refund if the product or software does not work or you can take a replacement software or credit it is the customers choice and the only choice here is a refund. So when trying for a refund do not forget this little tidbit of information. This applies even if their policy is NO REFUND! Guess this is how the The Office of Consumer Affiars discribes selling fraud over the internet and how they are helping all get refunds when that happens! Be sure to involve your credit card company as SWREG really hates getting charge backs and will issue refunds faster when you threaten them with that! Good Luck and keep us posted on your progress. But think you are on the right track here.


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