Traffic Phoenix Buyer/attempted user

by Paul Prochaska
(Redwood City, CA)

I found the review above very interesting, but I would like to know the author's name and age. What other marketing software have you used (or attempted to use!) by which you can make comparisons to Traffic Phoenix. (BTW: I'm still trying to make TP work!) P

This is the administrator of this website and I wrote the review. You can go to my about us page for most of the information you asked for. I am not quite old enough to get social security but close! I have been doing marketing for around 15 years now and used several different types of software. None that I can remember ever did as poorly as Traffic Phoenix with as many bugs in it or sold for the price it does and simply does not work. Traffic Phoenix also has the worse customer service I have ever seen and none told as many lies about it. But some came close. Others worked like they were made to do! You can also find some information on my about us page on that too.
My name is Linda
PS: Good luck in getting TP to work and hope it does not mess up your computer like it has others who have tried to make it work too.
To all that are interested there will be a great update on Traffic Phoenix and more information about how to get a refund and exactly who is behind this and more on warnings about all of this. Please come back tomorrow for the update I really hope to have it up by then probably later in the day.
Thank you all for your comments.

I am really trying to help others find out just exactly what Jamie Lewis and Travis Stephenson have done to so many people who trusted them! In my opinion this is the boldest and worse scam I have seen in a very long time!

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Jul 28, 2011
I got an a second webinar
by: Anonymous

Tonight I listened to another traffic phoenix webinar, and again thousands were on the call (they say) but again he will only sell to 15 people !!!

There were plenty of answers to peoples nonsense questions but I didn't get 1 answer to my questions. I asked how much is the system going to cost? BUT no answer !! I asked a couple more but still no answer.

But while waiting I went to the Traffic Pheonix website and low and behold there were STILL 2 spots open !!! I clicked on add to cart and sure enough I went to the clickbank page where he was selling it for $997 still.

They should be OUT OF BUSINESS !!! It is a shame that they are allowed to do that !!!

Jul 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Jamie Lewis,Travis Stephenson & James Denzel are all ex telemarketers who probably were employed in anti-theft. More than likely they have a criminal record. Afterwards they all started working as affiliates, did not do as well as expected.

Adeel Choundrey, the computer brain/guru decided to manipulate a software that would do "magic"- without hard work, as advertised via webinar and demonstrated the software visual, click here, do this and you have 50,000 thats $$$. Do the calculations. Lets say 300,000 people at $1,000. each for 1 webinar. Do not be fooled that only 15 licenses were available. James Denzel said that Charlie would extend to 30 more....That webinar was 1 time payment. There was a second & third & fourth Webinar..... Two installments to make it easier for us. Why...they needed more $$$$ on hand and quicker. The second webinar, Charlie was sooo excited and silly Charlie, mentioned that there were 200,000 attendees....
Bells were ringing....oh oh I lost my money, maybe not...fingers crossed, I was in denial

However, this appear so wonderful and easy to work with Traffic Phoenix, no one else had this software...right.

He appeared on the NBC News, work at home, seemed legal...easy to trust

Traffic Phoenix is the biggest scam in history on the internet to date.
You must fight internet fraud crime - do not let go .. its your hard earned savings or maybe you took this money from your rent hoping to make enough in time to cover it. FIGHT....

Lets stick together... please do not give up.

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