Traffic Phoenix False Advertising Scam

by Trevor Chilton
(San Jose Costa Rica)

Unlike Charlie that is my real name and here is my real e-mail which you may well need once your read what I have to say.

I bought this crap and have wasted tons of time trying to get it running but to date I have not succeeded in sending a single message to a single video owner. Dozens of IM and support tickets all producing nothing other than a total frustration.

As this issue progresses I have already had several people contact me with regards to joining in on launching a case against the creator and promoters of Traffic Phoenix. Today I gave them a final 6 day ultimatum to get this functioning or face the consequences by then it will be 110 days and for me not a single message sent to any video owners. Now based on their past don?t give a shit attitude presented by this support team if one dares call this support, it is more like the pain and aggravation team, I doubt anything will happen at all. But at least I can say I gave them every reasonable opportunity to mend their ways.

Meanwhile if you bought this crap or even if you did not but feel that you were a victim to false advertising then I suggest you join in with us and help us send out a clear message via the FTC to put pricks like this out of business.

One thing in particular I want to do is go after the affiliates as these guys are a HUGE part of the problem. Like what kind of decent person promotes a high priced product without actually testing to see if it actually works, so these scum bags promote something with only one thing in mind. ?How many pieces of $500 can I get! No need to concern myself if I am aiding and abetting a fraud.?

I bought from James Denzel and this prick won?t even answer any of my emails at all. So to me that tells me that affiliates think they are untouchable and my goal is to convince the FTC that these guys are a principle part of the problem. If we didn?t take actions to get our money back 1/2 of it is in their pockets. They have to be just as accountable especially in the case of a fraudulent product which is what this most likely is. I do know for a fact we have them dead in the water on false advertising with all the bullshit about the ?only 15 licenses? they were selling on each webinar. (Now of course the more claimants and witnesses we have to this infractions the better off we are.) Yet I can?t get service because they are tooooo busy. Well how the *&%$ can you be too busy if you only sold 15 on each webinar. I have a recorded copy of this webinar to prove that they lied and that is all it takes to prove false advertising hence makes everything fruit from a poison tree. From there it also flows that any guarantees or expiry of refunds is a mute point when the whole operation was a fraud. Additionally the FTC has the capacity to seize all assets of the affiliates (accomplices) as well as dear Charlie and of course to shut down any of his websites.

Now to give you a further heads up I have pretty much abandoned this as a viable project so I have moved on to set up another business marketing nutraceutical products. As a result of this experience I have also seen the other side of the coin as to how merchant accounts function in order to bill to credit cards. So what I know for a fact yet is quite contrary to what many will say at your credit card company, the Credit Cards and especially the Merchant Banks hold 10% of all charges in a rolling reserve of 10% for six months from billing hence there is and has to be money there to at least settle some claims. Oh and if your charge backs exceed 3% per month they blow up your account. Well what do you think TP?s charge back rate is?? It has to be through the roof as dam few would have been as patient as I have been with this BS.

At any rate we can get them on advertising fraud as the FTC can real easily get the charges from the CC to verify they were long beyond the 15 sales and for that they are royally screwed. Pretty stupid on their part to pull such a glaringly obvious boner as well as one that is so easily proven if one has the appropriate powers like the FTC does.

The other important issue is that we as a group must work together and either submit one claim as a group or we must synchronize so that all the individual claims make the same charges and hit them all in the same hour of the same day. This is where a trickle effect is definitely not what we want to make our point what we want to do is hit the FTC with a sledge hammer and have all these claims hit them like a tsunami all at one time. Such carries much more force and effect as compared to each of us submitting here and there over many weeks.

I am sure we all can agree this kind of crap must stop and those who participate in such frauds especially when the affiliates feel the heat on their asses when all hell breaks loose. We most certainly have nothing to be ashamed of here we were just anxious to have a product that performed as advertised and that is why I have openly given out my email address to help bring about a solution. A very clear message must be sent to the scums that lurk around in the IM world and think they can operate like it was the wild wild west. Victims must be much more vocal than is the common. Enough is enough. For those that are on the same page here please contact me directly to get on the list to help bring about change as well as some well deserved justice as well as to go for refunds at a 2 to 1 ratio.

Even if you did get a refund please join in on the group slap back to send this message out to all especially all those sleezy affiliates.


Trevor Chilton

Thank You So Much Trevor this is Linda the admin here and I am behind you all the way I will send you a email right away and then we can discuss how I can help as I am trying hard to stop them too if YOU do not know it yet I want you to know Traffic Phoenix has come out one more time with a new name now same everything same Charlie promoting it same SCAM 100% so include this Name in a class action law suit too. The name of the program is ATOMIC ANDROID X you can read all about it on my website here. Just go to TOP SCAMS ON THE INTERNET IT IS THE TOP ONE THERE.
Thanks again Trevor and good luck and Thank God there are people out there like you and me trying so hard to stop this #1 SCAM on the Internet!


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Oct 28, 2011
by: Trevor Chilton

Now that I know how to attack the processor who of course all too well knows that these cons processed way more than 15 sales. I have every reason they will be most cooperative as the alternative is they loose their capacity to process any future charges to cards. Hence exactly what business do you have as a processor if you cannot do exactly that PROCESS! Forget the refund period that is only relevant to legitimate business not fraudulent scams however no processor or their customer service people are about to volunteer to you just how to go about this. Also few people realize that the Merchant Bank always holds a security reserve on the processor of 5% to 10% for six months prior to its return to the vendor/processor. Few also realize that that Merchant Bank can literally cut off that processor's business with the click of a mouse and not even so much as a warning or a howdy duddy. They have both considerable power and considerable risk if they should be seen as supporting fraudulent business.

Step 2 is I am still going to go after the culprits with the FTC for further damages and I will be making a plea that FTC also pursue the affiliates involved in this scam. It is my position that the affiliates are at least 60% responsible for such scams as without their mailing lists such scams simply could not go on. Hence anyone that uses their list to get a 50% commission from a product that they have never tested (sadly most don't give a shit if it works or not) deserves to face the same rath of regulatory authorities as does the front line perpetrator. WE shall see what happens with this initiative it all depends on good old goverment to do what it should so that is an if unlike attacking the processor that is not an if as they are in fear of shit coming down from both VISA and FTC at the same time.

Oct 28, 2011
As the heat comes on in the kitchen
by: Trevor Chilton

Well subsequent to my last post here I have zero doubt that I can safely assure anyone and everyone that this product is nothing but a total scam. I have given these jerks every opportunity to fix this crap software yet nothing has happened IN 4 1/2 MONTHS. Unless you call insulting service and nothing less than 5 appointments made for service of which NONE were ever attended by them. Now if there was actually a functioning product here surely two months from my first missed appointment on Aug. 24th up to today Oct.28th something could have been made to work. No way can a legitimate business operate like this and survive, it can't happen, but then this business never was, it was a scam from the get go.

Now by the time you read this unless you are one of the few that have already contacted me it will most likely be too late to include you in our group that is going to attack immediately. However I will provide anyone with the copies of what I have done and how just for the asking at my email:

Now the good news is through my other endeavors and business I have found their Achilles heel and know how exactly to get our money returned. No not by attacking Traffic Phoenix and most certainly not from being polite to a bunch of thieves and scum bags but by going after the processor of the transaction. My basis and premise to all of this is that I am not asking for a refund but demanding a reimbursement of a fraudulent transaction which this clearly was and is. Hence a very different rule book.

Our communication not only proves this but more importantly it is very easy to prove that we were all victims of absolutely false advertising. They advertised only 15 units would be sold, but I have a screen shot showing the proof of such claims, yet they sold many more than that hence all sales were fruit of a poison tree hence grounds for reimbursement. This is an aside of course to the simple fact that the software did not function as advertised but it is something that is black and white. They advertised one thing but did something that was opposite and detrimental to the purchasers.

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