Traffic Phoenix is a total scam period!!

by Nurie Othman
(Kuala Lumpur)

Hi there,

I am also one of those people who is struggling to get a refund from traffic phoenix. I lodged a claim through paypal and they are supposed to revert to paypal by the 10th of July. So far I have not received any report from paypal yet. I have lodged refund claims to SWreg and TP support with no success as well.

The software didnt work as demo from day one. It made my computer crash for no reason. It used up enormous bandwidth in the background, running as soon as you switch on your computer. But the heartache cant compare to all these problems. Support tickets take ages to get answered and if they do its like I wrote to them in martian language, cause thats how they answer back. More of deflection then answering.

Really, really frustrated because it was my hard earned savings that went to them. These guys should be hanged by their *alls.

You are right about Plimus kicking them out because I took a bit of time to finally buy the software and in the process noticed that the payment gateway was changed to Swreg. Whoever bought through Plimus got a refund.

You should reveal who these crooks are because I think a lot of people want to send them to Pluto to stay away from them. At least I would.

Meanwhile I am still praying that I would get my refund.Great job you are doing here to get the words out.

N. Othman

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