Traffic Phoenix scam How to Get Refunds - Digital River fraud processor

by Trevor Chilton
(San Jose Costa Rica)

As a final update to this soap opera. REgardless to what anyone here has been told with regards to refunds I got one 4 1/2 months after my purchase date when I claimed a refund from Plimus based on it being a fraudulent transaction. It was processed quickly by Plimus (less than a week) who clearly stated they did not want me to Charge Back. Folks that is the magic word that most processors cringe at as they do not want Visa/MC coming down on them and closing their merchant account for high Charge Backs which give them a black mark whereas a simple refund affects them not at all.

Also be aware that all processors have a deposit held by the merchant bank for six months after a transaction occurs so they do indeed have money held in trust to pay out on charge backs so anyone who suggests your refund period is up is either stupid or lying to you assuming that the dumb consumer does not know the system or what to say to combat thieves like this.

Now I also reported this fraud to Digital River/ SWREg as such since they have been processing these thieves transactions for months under at least 7 different names as of today's date. That is 7 names in five months which is all anyone should need to realize this is not a legitimate business or product! In the real world no one but no one changes their product name more often than some change their underwear. I mean really folks this just is not done as it is totally detrimental to the marketing of good products. Hence it is only done for crap products who are trying to hide from their real reputation. Now over a month after I reported these facts Digital River and/or SWReg have never responded to my two emails reporting all these names of this phony product. Their silence as well as their continuing to process orders under even more names indicates that they are really part of the scam and equally guilty of all charges as without their processing the fraud simply could not go on. I would assess their silence means they are just as big of thieves as the owners of this product of which Charlie most certainly is not.

One thing you can take to the bank is if you hear of this actor Charlie promoting anything coming out of England for $997 with only 15 copies being sold then the answer is run like hell. Even worse yet is if it claims to be a magic one of a kind software that does all this for you.

Well with that ends my saga. I only hope all these details help people to either not ever pay these thieves in the first place or at very least get wise to how to get your money back once you realize this phony software is going no where.

Hi Trevor this is Linda the admin at this site TYVM for this most informative comment and I pray like you do that the world wakes up to these fraudsters. We need to not sit back we did to do all of the above actions and also report this to the FTC and the FBI under whatever name they are using this week and with enough doing this the credit cards will close down SWREG which is one place I want closed so the doors will stop for the frausters to spread their wiched software that is nothing but bogus software that will never in my lifetime or anyone elses work! This is the number 1 scam on the Internet and these people all need to be stopped and put in jail for life!

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Jan 14, 2012
can you take legal action against them
by: Anonymous

i wanted to know can you take legal action against them so they ca never do something like this again

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