Traffic Phoenix, then Azon Conspiracy...Now "Platinum Profit Bot"!!!

by Nicole

I got suckered into buying this software as well when it was called Azon Conspiracy. It took 20 days for me to get a refund and that was after emailing their customer service several times, filing a Pay Pal complaint and contacting American Express to stop the charge from being paid. I guess they saw I meant business so they finally issued the refund. I was on a webinar today and saw the exact same presentation but the software is now called Platinum Profit Bot. I knew they were scamming because why would it be renamed in just over a month since I purchased it as Azon Conspiracy. I searched the blogs and found this one only to realize it had yet another name it was sold under. I hate scam artist praying on people who are trying to make an honest living. Don't buy this software no matter what it's called!!!

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