Traffic Phoenix What a waste

by JC Blake
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

So just like everyone else I watched and was completly amazed by the software.

I understood that there was glitches and tried my best to work through them.
No, that was a bad idea.
Never was able to get it to work properly. I asked for skype numbers response.
I asked for better training...was told days later to look for a "Comprehensive" video over the weekend.
Well 1 did show up. I studiously followed along and got to the end of the video with the presenter saying "we have to wait 12 hours and will start this up them" Well that was a long time ago. 6 days? Somewhere in there.
I sent another servios ticket. No response. So I contacted AMEX and told then what was going on and they INSTANTLY Credited my account and said they would charge SW.
Now the funny part. Today Another of the people I respect and look at their software was having a webinar. My thinking was ..."Since I have that 1k back lets go shopping"!

Sure enough Good Ole Charlie gets on and starts doing his thing.
I am considering getting refunds from Income Entourage also just because they stood behind this total piece.
Reputation is all you have in this market and they took a huge hit.

JC Blake

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