Traffic Phoenix - Yes it is another SCAM!

by Clayne
(Basalt, Co)

Hi Everyone

I really can't believe I have been scammed again.
New to the whole internet business and now am 100% turned off. What can you believe and who do you believe?
I'm done. I've closed out my bank account and my debit card.
I don't trust these guys at all. I am claiming that this charge was fraudulent. Therefore, my bank is going to bat for me. Just and idea guys.
For me I did not even get to open the software as I use a MAC. I've found out since then - from the support team at Traffic Phoenix that the software is NOT compatible.
Therefore they suggested I purchase more software to make the Traf Phx software work. Yeah right! I'm going to buy more stuff to their product to work.
I was on the Webinar the other night till the very last and Charlie, Jamie, and Travis never disclosed that the software was not MAC friendly.
I am not continuing any of my memberships with any of these people. Everyone here is responsible. True I might not even
be writing this right now if it was a $27 purchase. But unfair. And a thousand bucks is a lot of money to me.
I'll keep you posted if I get the refund from my bank.
This was a fraudulent purchase. My advise hit these guys where it hurts. It is so sad that people spend so much time toward the negative and scamming. Wish they could have spent the time on the software and all of us would be happy.
Take care

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