Traffic Phoenix--Review

by Bruce
(Texas, USA)

I purchased this June 18th, could not make the webinar on the June 17th but was emailed the replay link and went to site and downloaded the video. I watched video in pieces through out the day (almost 2 hours). Every thing in the above post is true. This was/is the answer to all my internet marketing dreams and was so simple to use. OMG $997 was a bargain. When I finished I went wow and oh krap I missed it. When I went to site there were 2 liscense left; whoa lucky me. NOT! So i bought the $997 through Plimus and dived in.

I made it to the end of the 1st video doing step by step as video directed, whoohoo my campaign is set up. On to the next steps to fill in the necessary background info for the system to work properly, I had my new blank website so i watched all the videos and now tried to implement the the campaign completion set up. The video did not match the software, tried to setup google and amazon systems. Oops website had no content and was rejected by google and amazon. Which video tells me to do that? Oops there needs to be a video uploaded, how/where do I get that?
Sent email to support on June 28, response all customers asking questions, response they are making new videos and coming soon. July 6th send question about current videos; what is the best order to use them to set up campaign, response-new videos coming this next weekend, July 10 and will answer all your questions. Weekend came and on Sunday night, no new "how to" videos. Went to customer service and asked where are the new videos? response delay 48-72 hrs. 72 hours passes no new videos and again contact C/S. Response be on site by weekend, I promise. Wrote to Plimus explained all of this and was given a forced refund.

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