by Elaine
(Portland, OR )

I am new to the internet and definitely got scammed on this one. I asked about the Refund Policy and got a response back that they will provide a refund within 30 days. I went back and requested for a refund within 3 business days and this time they said they do not provide refund.

Yes, the helpdesk support is not functioning or working properly.

Does anyone know if you can file a dispute for this charge and get this money back?

Going forward, I am learning not to purchase anything outside of Clickbank, it is for reason like these people.

It is so sad to see people like this taking advantage of good people like myself and others of their hard earned money.

Please post if anyone know how we can get our money back.

Thank you.


This is the administrator'''First thing you need to do is notify your bank credit card and tell them you were scammed by the #1 scam to hit the Internet tell them there is between 300,000 to 500,000 others also scammed! Tell them you have a copy you will supply them where they told you at first you would get a refund within 30 days then when you asked for a refund within 3 days they replied they would not give you a refund they will tell you where to send those emails to if they need them so keep them safe! Do not delete them maybe your best bet to get a refund!

Tell them also the FBI has been alerted plus other organizations refer them to this website for more information and proof others too have been scammed. Also all you others out there put in a comment as the more we have as proof this is indeed a scam the better everyones case will be for a refund!

Credit card companies and scam buster organizations and people like the FBI are working to eleminate this giant scam from getting more victims so please everyone report it to anyone you can think to do so. If you are a senior citizen there are places within your state that will help you as a victim. The attorney General of your state can help you. Your bank will help you, your credit card company will help you. Visa, MC, AmX etc. Amx especially gets you a fast refund. Several have gotten theirs that way! And most of all report it to the FBI the more who report the faster they will act! Keep coming back to this website for more information as it comes in and most of all NEVER EVER BUY A PRODUCT WHERE IT SAYS IT IS PROCESSED THROUGH "SWREG digital river" They appear to work with scammers and make it very hard to get a refund although once forced to they will refund no matter what their policy says. But they state no refunds in such small letters no one finds it till too late. But when it is proven to be a scam they have to refund! This is a scam so there you are. YOU CAN GET A REFUND DO NOT GIVE UP AND HELP US WITH DOING YOUR PART! THEN WE ALL WIN! If anyone else needs more information just contact me I am here to help win this war

Thank you


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