WARNING!!! Traffic Phoenix has changed its name to ATOMIC ANDROID X

by annie

I almost fell for it. It's the same Charlie and the same software with a different name. Thank you for saving me from this big SCAM. IF you are interested here is the same webinar that I almost spent the $1000 that I don't have.

Thank you for this honest review!


You are more than welcome Annie thanks for the link so others do not fall again for this horrible scam on the Internet! ... Linda Admin of this site.

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Feb 29, 2012
The story goes on
by: Anonymous

They are now under Ruthless Traffic and Comission Killer. I was so on the way to buy this software because of its professional look. Luckily I could not rise the money...

Same Charlie - just changing the name of the product to programme they are walking into:))

Dec 29, 2011
Today 30-12-2011 Webinar Changed Again.
by: Henri Virtanen - Australia,

Hallo Everyone,
1/ Traffic Phoenix, Changed To Atomic Android x,
a/ Today 30-12-2011 At 01.00 A.E.S.T.,
a/1a- New Seminar, With This Scammer, "Charlie", a/1b- And With "Charlie's" Team, Involved Scammers, Etc.,
Today's, New Name, Is Traffic Detective X,
b/ Did Buy, Atomic Android x, For $Us997,
b/1- Recieved Traffic Phoenix Instead,
b/1a- Did Never Work, As This "Charlie", Stated On His Seminar,
b/1b- And They, Stated In There, So Called, Instructions Step, By Step Videos,
b/1c- And It Did Take, Enormous Amount Of Downlod Usage, In My Case, 24 Hours = 1.5 GB, Big Chock For Me,
b/1d- And Very Big, Extra Costs, Etc.,

c/ Have For Some 3-4 Month, Requested 100% Full Refunds, Now Demands, Etc., Of All My Paid For Atomic Android X = Traffic Phoenix, Also Earlier, Called Other Seminar,(Something) Viral, Now Called, Traffic Detective X, $Us997,

c/1- There 3:rd Party Accepting This Money On Scammers, "Charlie's",And His Team, Etc., Behalf,

c/1a- You Pay To, 2 Other Scamming Companies, c/1b- Named Swreg Inc. Owned By Digital River Inc. Located In Eden Prarie, Minnesota 55355,
c/1c- Get Comfirmation, Each Time, But No Refunds, No Replies, Whatsoever,

c/1d- And Also, Total Silence, From Digital River Inc. No Comfirmation, No Refunds, Etc., Whatsoever,

c/1e- Digital River Inc. Who Owns, Swreg Inc. Located In Eden Prarie, Minnesota 55355,
c/1f- Get Comfirmation, Each Time, But No Refunds, No Replies, Whatsoever,

c/1g- Support@traffic Phoenix,Get Comfirmation, Each Time, But No Refunds,Etc., No Replies,Etc., Whatsoever,
c/1h- From This Big Scammers, "Charlie", And His Scamming Team,Etc.,
c/1i- Get Comfirmation, Each Time, But No Refunds, No Replies, Whatsoever,

d/ Are You All, That Been, Ripped Off, Like Me, Fed Up???????
d/1a- With This Scammers, At It Again, This Day Of 30/12-2011,At 01.00 Am, A.E.S.T.

d/1b- Should Be, Tracked Down, Etc.,
d/1c- And Arrested,Etc.,
d/1d- And Charged,Etc.,
d/1e- Put In Jail, Etc., With Long Sentences,Etc.,
d/1f- For Each Fraud, Etc., They Have Committed, Etc.,

e/ My Contact Email Is:

e/1- Make Sure,
e/1a- You Put, "Please Notice,Scams, Traffic Phoenix = Atomic Android X = Now Traffic Detective X",
a/1b- On Subject Line,
a/1b- Get Lot Of Garbage, In My Inbox.

Happy Prosperes New Year, From Australia
Henri Virtanen

Dec 16, 2011
Its been renamed
by: Anonymous

They have renamed the product to Azon Conspiracy.

I think that its 4th rename.

this is Linda the admin if that is true I will check that out and report it. I also have heard there just maybe as many as 13 different names but I only know for sure of three till now!

Sep 18, 2011
by: montreal, Quebec Canada

I urge you to go to FBI link that Linda has provided for us on her web site. You must report this scam, if you do not, there are many innocent folks like you & I who are not aware of these business being scammers, etc.

Please help this e-commerce business not to create misleading employment for people like you and I and, for scammers to ruin their reputation.

I had the same problem with Traffic P effective June 9th/11. I attended the webinar, it was the first that was promoted by James Denzel & Charlie. The webinar was so well presented and professional. I was impressed and bought it thru Plimus, who has refunded me and, I also reported it to the FBI, IC3 unit.

Linda, has done her job to the best of her ability, she cannot go further....its you Annie now...you must report this to the FBI to stop theses thieves continuing to scam people and take their hard earn money.

The FBI, cannot proceed unless they have a certain amount of written reports that informs them they are scammers. Thats all they want from you, et voila.

Afterall there are many honest companies out there, you are here right now and, less than TP with full training and support.

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