Ways to Make Money Online Part Two

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Welcome To Ways To Make Money Online Part 2

We hope you saw Part One in this series if not please go review that first by going here

If you have not seen part 1 yet or know about the $50,000 contest and how you can win that you can read the rules of winning it on our home page and then go to part 1 to find out how to get it. Or simply click the Banner to the right. Ways to Make Money Part 1

You learned in part 1 all about how I make money with my website on the Internet all about my website and how easy it was for me to get it rated in the top 1% world wide and now in the top 2% in the United States. You learned how I make lots of money off my website and how I am able to get so much free traffic without ever spending a penney for it.

You also know that the ways to make money on the Internet never involve buying one more of those Scam programs out there that seem to be popping up over and over again everywhere and how it is almost getting to the place it is very hard to trust anyone anymore as many scammers have promoted many ways to make money online with this push button program or that. They promote how to get millions of visitors to your site daily overnight. This is mostly just lies there are a few programs out there that do give you good advice and NOT LEAVE THE BEST PARTS OUT. But who do you trust? Who has real offers not SCAMS ONLINE. That is the problem.

What I will tell you here does work. whats more I can prove that just keep reading.

Well I want you to know there are some good guys on the Internet.

Yes there really is and two of them are called Kyle and Carson. If you know who they are then you probably already know about the Wealthy Affiliate membership club and there you can learn all the righ ways to make money on the Internet.

If you do not let me be the first to introduce them and the club to you.

Wealthy Affiliate membership club is a place where you get a true education on Affiliate Marketing. It is a place where some of the biggest Super Affiliates go everyday. It is a place that will give you a true education and is a place I have belonged to since April 2009. When I first came on the Internet I was just like some of you I believed everything I heard or read. I wanted so bad to know more about Internet Marketing.

I owned a company a few years ago called WIN Marketing so I thought I already knew alot about Marketing. I was wrong. You see Marketing outside of the Internet is not the same as On the Internet, but soon I did learn ways to make money on the Internet. I have been successful ever since.

Some principles are same offline but mostly are Not, so I needed training and lots of it if I was to learn ways to make money online.

I like some of you bought lots of programs and software that told me they would get me rich in no time. I was so wrong. I bought eBooks one after another on how to do this or that just to find out after reading them something was wrong it did not work like they said it would, something was missing or just lies to start with!


I got my money back most of the times because I had bought them through clickbank and they do refund you if not happy and you do it within 60 days. So that was good but I did spend lots of money on ways to make money online but sadly never to get a refund for one reason or other. None did me any good or made me any money or taught me the real ways to make money online.

It soon appeared to me that NO ONE WOULD REALLY TELL YOU AND WHY WAS THAT? I will tell you why if everyone knew all of the real ways to make money online those that did know the secrets would not make so much and have to share then with the world.

I got to the place where I felt very discouraged till one day someone told me about Wealthy Affiliate. I shrugged it off at first thinking this is just another scam and no way could I learn anything there. But they had some promotion so I joined. Knowing full well if it was just another scam place I would know within my 60 day money back guarantee trial. I have been there almost everyday since April 2009. You can not pay me to leave!

Was the Best Thing I Ever Did

Why you ask well let me just tell you why.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a membership club it is a community. It is a college of knowledge. It is a place where you can make friends bounce things off each other till both have got some puzzling problem solved. It is a place where no matter what you want to do online to make money they have a class or software or tool to help you do that. You really do learn ways to make money online there. You can even build a website there. Not a website like I tell you in ways to make money part 1, but a website to help you make landing pages, promote a program of your choosing and so on.

Oh and I might add they host if free for you too and help you build it with loads of training. You get your domain and You can use wordpress with them and so much more.

What so many especially new affiliate marketers do not know is on the Internet without knowledge you will never find the real ways to make money but instead you will simply lose your money and always wonder how others do make all the money.

You need to find a website like mine who tells you the truth about if a program works or is just another one that has not included the key ingredients on purpose and just taken your money. I first try every single program I promote then do a review on it and THEN I promote it IF AND ONLY IF after I try it, it does what it says it will do and or more.

You think what are the ways to make money online. What YOU do not realize till it is too late or YOU simply give up on making money online. You think there is absolutely no way to make money online and all of this hype of making thousands of dollars a month online is rubish. YOU ARE SO VERY WRONG!

I am here to tell you that YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE and there are WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE you just need to find the place or the person who will really teach you EVERYTHING

The place is Wealthy Affiliate and the person or persons in this case are
Kyle and Carson

Since joining Wealthy Affiliates years ago I have learned so much and lots of ways to make money online and I probably do not need to hang around there so much now but I do simply because every so often something new is added and they keep us all up to date on all the REAL new tricks of the trade and keep adding more and more new tools and things for us to use and really the membership fees are not out of line. I make so much now monthly I simply do not notice the fees anymore. So if I did cancel my membership it probably would cost me ten times what it costs me to stay there. Also I make deals with people in the forum and have found also ways to make money there too.

There are many membership clubs for affiliates on the Internet but none like this one and none as good as this one that I know about. You see some time back I decided to try other membership clubs just incase there was one out there better than Wealthy Affiliate. I NEVER FOUND ONE!

OMG was I ever so glad I had a home at Wealthy Affiliates because like the old saying there is No Place Like Home there is No Place Like Wealthy Affiliates.

No other membership club will give you FREE TRAINING esp not training by the owners themselves. But Wealthy Affiliate will and does. Just go hang out in the forum both kyle and carson are there daily feel free to talk to them or send them a message and if you have a problem or need some help they will come running to aid you.

There are others there that are good ones to ask for help from too like Marcus or Jay. Oh speaking of Jay he does webinars which they do every friday. On these webinars they will take current topic and give you complete video or webinar training. Is so refressing to have a webinar training class vs just a written class where you have no one to ask while you are learning.

The webinars are just like a class room in school where if you have a question just speak up. Thanks Kyle and Carson the Webinars rock. There is so much to learn there that even today when I go there I find new things to learn everyday or someone new to talk to that will be benificial to increasing my bottom line MY INCOME!

I have learned many tricks of the trade there I have learned what works and does not and how to implement all kinds of things. Things you will not find in those so called ebooks that are for sale everywhere or push button software programs that do not work!

They give training on about everything. If once you do some of their training and then you do not make money online all I can say is you were not paying attention! The small monthly fee is paid for and soon you will not even notice it as your income has gone up so much. I have made lots of money from what I learned there and if I can do it anyone can. I may not be the smartest kid on the block but I am smart enough to know what works and does not!

They have a tool there that shows you how to decide which clickbank product to promote so the guess work is gone it will also show you exactly what you will make by promoting it. They have a keyword tool there that makes Google adwords keyword free tool just not enough to know what to do.

If you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate membership training club for Affiliates please go to the link below.

Ok have saved the best for last

Because of my close affiliation with Kyle and Carson I am able to give you not only my above EBOOK bonus but also give you the aclaimed Who Loves Money Ebook by kyle and Carson this has their own secret techniques that they do not share at Wealthy Affiliate and it sells for as much as $97.00 but I got it for you for free if you join now. Not sure how much longer I can do this so take advantage of this asap.

you can read about it by going here

BUT DO NOT BUY IT AS I WILL GET IT FOR YOU FOR FREE! ONCE YOU SEE "WHO LOVES MONEY" JUST COME BACK HERE AND USE MY LINK TO GET IT FOR FREE ONCE YOU JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATES. YOU WILL FOREVER BE GLAD YOU DID. You can buy it there if you want and are not interested in a membership but I recommend strongly you just take it as a bonus.


Go here to review who loves money plus other Wealthy Affiliate offers
Now that you saw all about the bonus and I told you it was really something NOW GO TO THE LINK AND JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE

Go here to join Wealthy Affiliate and get your Who Loves Money for FREE

Thanks for reading the Two biggest ways I make money on the Internet today! I hope you enjoyed the reviews.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you do have a comment about Wealthy Affiliate program and want to publish it on the Internet please for the world to see as it will be on the Internet.

Have a comment about Wealthy Affiliate or a great story to tell or need to leave me your email for your bonus?

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