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Welcome to Ways to make money online part 1

Thank you for coming to my Ways TO Make Money review

By Linda Cooper ... administrator of this website.

Since starting this website and doing some reviews on here for various scams on the Internet I have had a chance to really think how can I help everyone on here to stop losing so much money so what I decided to do is tell everyone here two guaranteed ways that I have used myself for years to make money and show you exactly how I made money with doing each of these two ways to make money online.


BUT THIS COMPANY WE ARE PROMOTING HERE HAS PUT ITS MONEY WHERE ITS MOUTH IS AND OFFERING ANYONE $50,000 THAT CAN PROVIDE EVIDENCE THAT THERE EXISTS ANOTHER COMPANY OUT THERE THAT CAN PROVIDE WHAT THEY PROVIDE FOR THE SAME PRICE! Remember we have this as our #1 BEST Ways to make money online for a reason and that is because it is the best way by far! You can read the official rules on our home page.

or keep reading and click link at bottom of the page.
Ok let’s get started on finding ways to make money online

But before we do I want to tell each and every one of you that in order to really make money on the Internet and not talking about a couple of dollars a month and not talking about buying each and every get rich quick scam out there as really....

There is no way on earth that I know of a ways to make money online that is a push button way to get free traffic, there is no ways to make money with any of the push button software that you push it in morning and go to the beach and come home having made thousands that day. Then you run out and buy a new sports car so you can drive it into you million dollars new home!

I am not going to show you any of those ways to make money online as ways I make money online because I do not make my money that way! I know the real ways to make money online and none involve doing or buying a scam product with my ways to make money they are genuine and they have both been on the Internet being used by thousands of real people like you and me for many years and are making everyone thousands of dollars a month. These are two of the genius real ways to make money on the Internet me above all as if you have read my other reviews absolutely hate SCAMS.

Now I do live in a million dollar home (built it myself) and I do own 4 cars one is a convertible (OLD NOW 1991) two are SUVs’ (BOTH 2003'S) and one is a Junker or sort of, (1982) actually now is a classic and was car of the year when I got it new, but it runs and for some reason have kept it! I simply am not a fancy car person or show off, I can afford a new car but mine run great and I would rather invest my money and make more for retirement. I do live comfortably now and enjoy many finer things in life and you will too!

I did get some of the above items from Internet Marketing payout, that is for sure BUT others I got from owning business offline before I came to the Internet. But what I am going to tell you is that today on the Internet I do make at the lease a 6 figure income a year. I expect next year my income to at least double maybe more. I am going to show you absolute proof of my #1 best Ways to make money online just keep reading.

You can do that too but first thing you need to realize is you need an education, I will show you TWO ways to make money online and anyone can learn them I promise you that.


Oh also it does not take years to learn either if you find your education from the right sources I know those sources and soon you will too and then you will have found the two best ways to make money online too!

Ok once again let’s get going and find the ways to make money online...

First way to make money as affiliate marketer

Build your own website and it costs you just $29.99 a month to do and is so easy a kid can do it and I have seen this one in particular that a 12 year old girl made the website that makes thousands of dollars a month. Mine does too! All will with this product.

If you have been coming here for very long and looked around my website you have seen it has really grown. I started this web site in February 2011 that was when I first built my first pages, registered it in December 2010. I today have over 200 pages on this website. I have had several websites over the years on the Internet but this is the first website I built all by myself and the best most income producing website I have ever had too!

This website is now ranked in the top 1% worldwide to as low as 8% in the US on the Internet. Last couple months worldwide it is ranked in top 1%. This is based off of the ranking it gets off of alexia. My page ranks are either PR2 or PR1 that is something I need to take some time to improve and I will. I need to also get more inbound links and a few other things once I do it will be in the top 1% in the US too on the Internet.

The following information was put on this page around 3 months ago more acurate informaion is below. But you can see from this how my site keeps getting better and better as time goes on.

Now there are around 464,000,317... 464 million – The number of websites as of August 2011 websites worldwide on the Internet accordenly to Last night my site was ranked 1,991,875 out of 464 million worldwide. Those figures makes my site in less than the Top 1% of websites in the world. Today as is early in day and this usually happens early in the day it slipped down at start of new day some with being 2,558,565 worldwide as of writing this page but still in top 1% worldwide. In the United States where I am located last night it was 289,770 out of all the websites in the United States 6,610,255 US websites making mine in top 4% and today my ranking is 513,229 and my ranking is top 8%. My ranking keeps changing all the time but that is best I can tell you as of today and writing this. Be my guess and go to Alexia and check out my ranking there yourself.

So there you have it as to how my site ranks in world and in United States. No matter how you look at it I think that is not bad for a website that is only 5 months old.

As of Aug 23,2011 These are my current Stats from Alexa and proving this is one of the best Ways to make money online today.

My stats have improved greatly on the worldwide ranking at Alexa, now they are 987,119 and have improved by over a million. Remember there are around 464 million websites worldwide. This changes daily there and is always getting more each day! In June, 2011 I remember they were 346 million.

My ranking worldwide now is less than 1%.

My United States stats at Alexa now are 183,324 out of over 6 million websites+. My ranking in the United States have gone down by 106,446 from 289,770 about a 35% improvement in just a couple of weeks since last placing my ranking above which was great ranking for such a new site and everyone with a website dreams of having a website ranked in the top 100,000 and we expect to be there in just a few weeks! When it does we will put it here and then do a happy dance.

I am now in the top 1% in the United States and very proud of it.

Remember you can always hire someone to build your website for you and you can hire someone to do your SEO for you and you can buy tools that everyone who has a website needs in order to get people to your site and be able to survive on the Internet.

What you cannot do anywhere else is get all of that plus training, knowledge on how to make money with your website and so much more than I got room here to write about to have a REAL business online that makes REAL money AND GIVES YOU INDEPENDENCE AND THE MONEY YOU REALLY WANT EVEN IN THIS ECONOMY


This is really I mean REALLY the number 1 NO BRAINER of many Ways to make money and I mean make REAL $$ online.
With and do not forget a 90 day NO QUESTIONS ASKED trial period and

Now today’s date is Oct. 11,2011 and yes things have changed again I will not say as above the states of it just show you the screen shot from Alexa as of today.

My traffic is good I get SEVERAL HUNDREDS of visitors a day and growing making that several thousand a month. Every month since I first started making my website my traffic has doubled or tripled. Next month I expect it will double again. Which will give me even better statistics.

Believe me when I say this is one of the Best Ways to make money online there is

Now how did I do this? I did not buy any traffic. I did not pay for any Pay per Click campaigns, I have not spent one penny to get traffic to my websit! I make a very good income off my website each month.

Soon I will have a review on here of some more secrets I have used to get loads of free traffic so look for that review to come here soon.

*So how do I make money off my webstite?
Answer... Absence ads is one of my way I make money off this website and other Google campaigns too. Occasionally I will put up an affiliate program if I am sure it is a good one but I do not do that often. Not many good ones out there! I will soon as possible put up some I have tried and used and ones I know you can trust too.

I also have some other little known ways to make money with this site too that you too will learn from SBI as they teach you everything you need to know on how to monetize your site, but I also tell you in ways to make money on the Internet part 2, ways you also can make money with the website and other places.

No other hosting company does that for you what SBI does and guarantees you will be a sucess. You get step by step ways on how to make money in many ways from SBI. No guesswork here just ways that work. Before coming there I took classes in SEO and learned nothing TOO COMPLICATED FOR MY PEA BRAIN. NOT till coming to SBI DID I UNDERSTAND SEO AND WHAT IS EVEN BETTER THEY DO ALL THE WORK FOR ME then it was all very clear and easy. It finally made sense and this site proves that!

You will find they have many tools that if you purchased them outside of SBI yourself you could easily pay as much as $5,000 for all of them. Here you use them daily for just your $29.99 a month fee which others hosting companies DO NOT GIVE YOU OR will charge you with absolutely no support at all For tools OTHERWISE YOU CAN NOT GET THEM without paying extra. You never have to worry about renewing your website all is including in your monthly fee. You really never have to worry about anything. This is one of the best win win situations I have ever found!

Just take a leap of faith believe in yourself and YOU TOO CAN DO IT! If you ever get stuck just come here and ask me about someting or go to the forum at SBI ask others there and they will help you as the forum there is golden and full of so much information to help you be a giant sucess! Happiest forum I have ever belonged to.

I can not say it enough I just love SBI.

The search engines love a SBI site why well let me tell you why because Google for example simply makes their money from ads and they would not be the Number 1 search engine around with out people like you and me using them to search for what we want. People like you and me click on their adword ads on each page which takes up 20% of their page 80% of the page is from sites like mine and they rank the sites by content on the site if it is relevant to keywords it gets ranked high. My pages are ranked high I have around 1,000+ keywords that Google daily brings me traffic from. Because every single page on my site is 100% made the way Google loves it made. They reward me for that by ranking me and giving me traffic. Simple then that makes me money too! No matter what topic or niche you choose it can be a gold mine for you. I write a new page and then Google does the rest. SBI makes sure you are submitted to Google, Yahoo, and MSN-BING the only search engines you need! They ping your site for you after each update you do to your pages. Most hosting companies charge you for that or simply do not do that for you.

So Google and other seach engines love SBI sites because they make them money and reward our sites by ranking us so high. I was born in Missouri the show me state believe me I was not easy to convince you really need to show me and SBI did!

You do not have to believe me but would think my stats say alot could not fake that, and you can be my guess go look at alexa for yourself about my site.

But that is just part of what they do for you join today and find out for yourself and remember you have 90 days to try and love or you get all of your money back no questions asked. SBI is listed with the BBB and has only had 1 complaint in all the years they have been doing this. Believe me I checked them out before trying again I am just that way. I love SBI and you will too!

Believe it or not absence ads can and do pay you thousands of dollars a month if you have traffic! You simply sign up for it and Google will do the rest. Be sure and follow all of their guidelines and never... Never click on any of the ads yourself! That will get your account turned off and you lose your income and can never use them again.

*So how did I get it ranked so high and get so much traffic?
I simply built my site myself and made sure each and everything on my website is perfect. Everything I write has 100% perfect SEO so the search engines love my pages and wait for the traffic to flow in from search engines and referrals. But SBI has a built in system to analyze each page for you and once you write it the system checks each thing on it and tells you step by step what to change to make your page perfect. No guess work with SBI try to get that from any other host on the Internet for free. You simply will not find it. No other host or system to get a high ranking website will do what SBI will do for you at the same price and all of the compatition pray you never find SBI belive me I had many other websites some I tried to build myself others I paid thousands to have built none of them ever did anything close to what my SBI website has done without it costing me for PPC or other means to get traffic to it. Through SBI I have not paid one penny for traffic and I never will have to.

But you say that is so hard.... no is the easiest thing I ever did and the reason why is because of SBI site sell it and their site building block way of building a website. It is so easy a kid can do it and has! They provide you with all the tools free and training video training is what I took and by time you do the training you think OMG anyone can do this and so will I and I did!

when I am ready to build another site I will simply buy one. The cost is only $29.99 a month (or you can save even more and pay by the year for $299.00) and I will get that back and way more in no time. This is a bargain and a guaranteed best ways to make money on the Internet or at least one of two wait till you read my next one. They also give you a 90 day money back gurarantee YES I SAID 90 DAYS TO LEARN PUT UP A SITE AND THEN DECIDE IF THIS IS FOR YOU WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED, but no one cancels and bet you will not either! Why you say because there is no other place like SBI. Believe me I have looked and tried so many other places first now I have a home with SBI and I will never again build a website anywhere else!

The cost to be trained and all the rest you learn there is priceless and all the tools you get OMG no one ever fails there and they have more websites in the top 1 to 3 percent than any other place on the Internet. Once you try them you will never want to own another website as it is really so easy. If I can do it anyone can. I know from doing you will make money. You work at your own pace. When I joined site sell I was not in any hurry so I studied longer than most for many reasons one being I was so busy taking care of my elderly folks and also wanted to really research everything first before I started my site, REMEMBER I AM FROM MISSOURI NOT ONLY DO YOU NEED TO SHOW ME I AM SORTA A PERFECTIONIST TO BOOT. I am just like that, guess at first was afraid I would fail again. But I am here to say SBI coming into my life was one of the best and luckiest things that ever happened to me!

I simply love SBI, you will too!

Best thing about SBI site sell is it is a one of two of the best ways to make money on the Internet without ever scamming anyone like so many others do as they simply do not know how to make money honestly like I do, and now you know too, so why are you still reading go join SBI now!

But if you need more convincing as I did I admit it I researched SBI a long before I joined them, and what a waste of time that was, If I had joined SBI when I first KNEW ABOUT THEM THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AT LEAST 3 MONTHS EARLIER AND I would have made a lot more money this year and by now than I have but go research more and ....

Go learn more about the tools you get and more about SBI go to my page here under ONLINE SERVICES- how 2 create a website, I built that page the first month I started making my site here but that page will tell you more about Site Sell and all of their benefits. Then come back here and click the video here or go to SBI there. BEST PLACE NOW TO GO AND LEARN MORE IS THE BANNER TO THE RIGHT AND BE SURE TO CLICK THE TOOLS AND THE CERTIFIED PROOF LINKS AT TOP OF PAGE ALSO AND YOU WILL SOON SEE ALL THE PROOF YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW THIS WILL BE A GREAT HOME FOR YOU TOO!

go here to get to how 2 create a website review

Or simply watch this video about Site sell really it is all you need to know about Ways to make money and has even more information than my web page has. After watching the video just click the screen and go to my site sell Solo Build It page to learn even more and to join me and others who are loving Solo Build It. See for yourself why I say this is the #1 NO BRAINER of many you will find Ways to make money on the Internet with a website YOU build YOURSELF. The easy low cost way. Just take a leap of faith and remember you have a 90 day guarantee once you join if you do not like it just cancel and you get 100% all your money back they do not want you to stay if you did not find Ways to make money, I know of no one who will give you that better than Solo Build It. If that does not tell you Solo Build It is Real I simply do not know what will.

Oh and do not forget to let me know once you join where to send my marketing method ebook to by filling out your comment below so I can send it to you.

Thanks for reading now enjoy the video I love this video and sometimes just come here just to watch the turtle dance.


Go Here To Go Straight To SBI if you have already seen the Video, to learn more.

Now that you have seen my first ways to make money be sure to go visit my second best ways to make money .

Go here to see my ways to make money Part 2 by going here

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