Thank you for taking the time to visit our about us page. We want you to know all about us as web developer, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail store owners and why we spent the time to do this web site just to help you be successful.


We became a web developer a few years ago and before that we were wholesalers, manufactures and retail store owners here is our story.

My name is Patrick and this is a picture of me and Penny, who is our CEO or thinks she, is anyway.

You will see Penny from time to time on our site as she keeps us organized and makes sure everything we say or do is in your best interest!

Another important member of our team is Kathy who has been with me for around 22 years and is my right arm and has been one of the main reasons we are where we are today.

Our story started many years ago when I was a jewelry designer then soon moved into manufacturing of jewelry and our line was born. We specialized in different and unusual jewelry with some rare stones and metals in the mix too. Over the years our jewelry has really caught on and was in big demand. From there I became a wholesaler with our line and other lines of jewelry and had become a large wholesaler soon meeting other wholesalers and manufacturers. But maybe my biggest success story is our Web developer story. You will read more about it later. That was after I retired what I did before is another story.

We also had some retail stores in malls that we sold wholesale to the public now with that angle who would not be successful! But then most never could do that because of the costs or just simply will not do that. We did! Sometimes think too much greed in this land we live in. Please see our stores on the right.

Also check out our Store Directory where you will find stores we recommend or do not and why. We also have a place where you can add a store you recommend or not and why. This is all coming soon please bookmark our site and visit often.

I have been selling on eBay once in awhile for last 10 or more years too. A few years ago I decided to try other auction sites out there and started using some of them and found out that there are some great auction sites on the internet.

The world of wholesalers is a very secretive place to be in and hard to get to know the real players in that area of life. Because of that and other things we decided to make this website because on the internet there are so many people out there trying to make you think they are wholesalers or drop shippers and really they are none of those things. We are here to tell the world the truth or spill the beans!

Be sure to visit our Guidebook on wholesalers where you will learn some secrets all about wholesalers the different kinds of wholesalers and how to know who is real and who is not and how to find the real ones in which you need an invitation in most cases to ever get to know. We can give you an avenue where you will get that invitation and there is only one place out there that can do that for you, so be sure to look at. So if you are frustrated at tying on your own to find a real wholesaler as they will never search you out you have come to the right place.

It really aggravates me when there are so many websites out there that say they are drop shippers when they are nothing more than a middleman. A real drop shipper is the manufacture themselves not a middle man saying they are one. We will introduce you to a place to get real drop shippers too.

Scams and fraud on the net and how it is everywhere and people telling you to buy this or that and then you will be a millionaire. Well we tried some of those things just to find that that most were just garbage or a way they can scam you. We soon found out the true way to make money on the Internet is to build your own site find real drop shippers and I know a few so hold tight go around this site find all you want and get yourself educated some do not spend a dime till you know what to look for how to check it out and then go with someone who wants you as much as you want them.

We belonged to one of the biggest sites on the internet for a year paying monthly $69.99 to belong with little or no education at all and not one thing can we say we learned or put money in our pocket we will tell you all about that in our guidebooks on affiliate training, scams and what really works too.

There is one place on the internet you can find out how to build a web site and be a true web developer and make money after doing it and to boot it is also a school. This place teaches you how to build a site that sells and makes you money with little effort from you! If you follow their advice you can be a successful web developer too! Your site will be whatever you want it to be and that can be a site like this and trust me I built it all myself with SBI and trust me they know how to help you make money too!

It has been around for almost 20 years and has more websites from users in the top 1% to 3% on the internet than anyone else has and that is the absolute truth. It has all the tools you need to get free traffic, great search engine ranking. It even teaches you and shows you ways to make money on the Internet that I never knew till going there. I have been on the Internet for years too but never a real web developer before now!

Now I make a great living as a web developer and no longer have to sell in a store on land or net. I am free to just enjoy life now that I am retired. That is exactly one of the reasons I made this website and why I decided so I could help others be doing the same as me. I work on it in my spare time and you should see the smile on my face because I know out there somewhere is someone who just like I was, wanted to make some extra money on the internet especially now that it is so hard to find a job with the problems right and left everywhere!

As a web developer you need to know how to and why everything is done the way it is on the Internet to be successful. There is one and only one place where you really get the straight truth about how to achieve all that and become a web developer too! One day all will come clear and wham It hits you and you are on your way. That place is SBI!

I know there are lots of other places with pie in the sky stuff from people who simply are trying to steal from you or me. Please believe me, this works! If you follow their guide you can build a site and make money. Just the way I did. They do not lie to you they do not insult your intelligence with stuff that does not work you will soon find out. They give you 90 days to try it if you do not like or does not work; you get your money back guaranteed.

Believe me most is not work at all but is fun and anyone can do it! Once done you are so proud that you did it yourself too and you are a true web developer too!

They give you free tools some found no place else to help you make money find the right keywords and many more things too many to describe here.

It takes time this is not a get rich quick scheme but is a way in a year maybe two max you will have an income in the thousands monthly some other members make six figures monthly or more I really do not care so much as I do not need that much but you will have a retirement income or a quit my job now and work from home for real income. Click the following link to see for yourself how to do just that

Solo Build It!

That site is SBI they have been doing what they do best for over 13 years now and have thousands of successful people and I have met many other web developers there too.

This site was built through them and before I built my first site I had tried to do many others with other companies and even had one built for me for thousands of dollars it looked great but made no money. I had no clue how to get traffic. Well now I do and you will to go see our guidebook on how 2 create a website and it will tell you exactly what you get what you do and how you do it there and how long it takes.

We saw so many suffering out there with wanting to make some money on the internet some needing a few hundred a month others dreaming of thousands well follow our guidebook on how 2 create a website and you will achieve both and more. This site is for the most part just here to help some not be taken advantage of again and again but know the truth in so many areas. So that is about it if you have a comment or a question check, out our contact us page.

Thanks for coming here and hope to see you in one of our guidebooks or our directory coming soon.

If you want to see some results with using SBI click the following link. REAL RESULTS It will show you just that and some of SBI web devoloper owners who are all listed in the top 1% on the internet by alexia then internet rating system! Believe me they are all making outrageous incomes!

Also go check out our guidebook How 2 create a website link is below.

Thanks again for coming!

SBI! Results


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The birth of JUST AccessoRize IT!

Our first store JUST AccessoRize IT! was in one of the Malls in Columbia Missouri, home of Mizzou Tigers.

We opened the store in a new mall in town just steps away from a Applebees Restaurant and next to a bank. It also had street view so the location was not bad.

When you open a new store for first time getting visitors is not that easy we soon learned, but our theme of selling top name brand items along with our unique jewelry line soon caught on esp when we sold everything at extreme discounted prices not exactly wholesale as we did have overhead but very close to it.

We were featured in the local newspaper as a up and coming new store worth visiting. That made us very happy as we did not ask for that but they noticed us and came after us for the story.

Our second store was in Osage Beach Missouri at the premium outlet mall. This is located in the main area of vaction land for Lake of the Ozarks. This was a good location for us as in mall we were next to food court on one side and Nine West on other side and accross from Bath and body and samsonite luggage.

Also we fit into the theme of discount shopping and soon was a great hit.

Needless to say both stores were successful and was great fun to have and looking back we are real glad we did them!