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My name is Patrick Williams and I have been a business owner and entrepreneur for more than 30 years.

I have been on the Internet for at least 15 of those years either as a Manufacturer, wholesaler or a Retail Seller. I have been on Auction sites for many of those years and or have had my own sites that were meant to sell to the appropriate above audiences of my business.

I also have been a Internet Marketer and or a Affiliate Marketer for years. I know many ways that are very successful on how to make money on the Internet and here you will find I will share with all of you for free. Many of the ways to make money have not made it on this site yet as I simply have not had time to put all of them up yet but I will!

I have finally retired to a degree and I am now just on the Internet in hopes I can help some of my visitors with special needs they have in the following website category's areas:

Store Review directory- Where we review retail stores we currently have many website category's here with many more being added as soon as our research is done to allow that. We only put them in our website category's directory IF they meet the following criteria’s

Are safe sites to visit

Give their visitor’s or Customer’s great customer service

Have quality merchandise for sale and great prices

We have tried to find many stores you may not even know are available today in special areas like collectibles or As Seen on TV. We also have many Stores that we can provide you with special online discounts that you cannot find anywhere else! Be sure to visit all of our seperate website category's here in the Store Review directory you will be glad you did.

AUCTION and MARKETPLACE Directories and Reviews- Where you will find information on Auction places like Ebay and Market places like ecrater. This website category on our web site will be updated ASAP with a complete list of ALL Auction sites listed and ALL Marketplaces sites listed all with their very own review and our recommendation to use or not and why!

Drop shippers and Wholesalers- Where you will find how to know if a drop shipper or Wholesaler is real or not and how to find the ones that are real and will save you thousands of dollars a month when you find the real ones! This website category is a must read if you have a Retail store either on or off the Internet.

Wholesale- We will tell you web sites to avoid as they are just Middle Man operations and will just take your profit and ARE NOT THE PLACES YOU WANT TO BUY FROM IF YOU HAVE EITHER A ONLINE OR BRICK AND MOURTOR RETAIL STORE. What we do is tell you where you can find REAL WHOLESALERS to buy your merchandise from or places where you can get a REAL LIST of Real Wholesale Distributors- remember you never need to pay a monthly fee to get merchandise from a wholesaler that is REAL.

Drop Shipping- This is basically like wholesalers above just note the web is full of Middle Man web sites and all of these are the ones you will find when doing a search they all have basically the same thing in common. They charge a monthly fee that will cut deeply into your profit margin. They all are easy to find in the Search engines. They all have fake review sites that say they are the best thing since the invention of the wheel. They all say they are not like the others out there. Most will give you a free trial of 3 to 30 days. Not long enough in any way to know for sure they are real or not! Most also will have some kind of penalty if you cancel. ALL WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY! Most make it very hard to cancel with them and will take as long as 60 to 90 days before your credit cards stops and charged monthly! Stay away from the Middle Man Drop Shippers one of the biggest and worse and most well known offenders is Doba! They alone have other Drop Shippers by other names like Product Sourcing which are just mini drop shippers with some kind of gimmick just to upgrade you to Doba eventually the mother company meant to steal your profits!

We show you how to find the Real Drop shippers just like the Wholesalers you cannot usually find on the Internet just by doing a search. Again this is a very strong website category!

TRUTH or HOAX- Where you will find fun stuff. This is a new website category to our site and will be updated with new pages ASAP.

Over the centuries there have been many very interesting subjects that are either true or a complete hoax. For example the very big controversial subject, Does Bigfoot really exists. We have that page up right now and since we have our self had a encounter with Bigfoot which we tell you about there we truly feel Bigfoot is Real go visit that page and then you decide for yourself. Be sure to also leave your comment or story for the world to see as believe it or not Bigfoot has over a million each and every month searching for answers to this very controversial subject. We will put your story or comment live on the Internet for all to see and you too can get in on the conversation that has a million viewers a month audience! This website category will grow in popularity as we grow and have some very interesting subjects that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

TOP SCAMS ON INTERNET-This website category has been one of our most requested website category on the Internet. Many have grown to know that we put up reviews that are not fake ones but real ones on the Internet. The fake ones that you see on the Internet are put on the Internet by either the Vendor who put up the product for sale or the Affiliate who has put up anything they think will make you want to buy the product. Many Affiliates never even bother to read anything about the product or even try the product themselves to know if it is real or a scam either do not care or are just under the influence from these vendors that tell them what to say and not to say and these affiliates believe everything they read from the vendor often times not knowing that the vendor is a scammer or con artist will not only steal from the end buyer but also the affiliate too! Many affiliate just copy and paste what the vendor has pre written for them that is why many titles and or the content of the review is just like the last one you read.

All reviews we put up we have bought the product first then we tell you and it appears in this website category ONLY IF IT IS A SCAM OR A DEFINATE DO NOT BUY AND WHY!

We were the first web site to REVIEW TRAFFIC PHOENIX AND CALL IT A SCAM. Traffic Phoenix has also turned out to be the #1 biggest scam on the Internet so far in 2011. We also worked with the FBI and FTC to help so many who got taken by this scam get their money back. Something that took us and others helping too way too long and some waited for around 60 days. This Scam is no longer being presented that we know of, thanks to our and others efforts.

Nothing gives me more joy than helping someone avoid a scam! Be sure and bookmark this site and come back often or subscribe to our RSS so you will know when we expose a new scam and also we name sellers and tell you why you should avoid their products there are a few out there that just produce bad products mostly full of stuff you can find for free on the internet and or do not really help you. Jamie Lewis is one of those marketers we are very disappointed in and he was one of the biggest promoters to Traffic Phoenix and we now have three reasons from this website category as to why you should avoid him and his products and we say three strikes you are out. So sorry Jamie Lewis you are on our top scammer list. Income Entourage Membership and Income Times Ten Membership are the other two Scams done by Jamie Lewis on our list. Two of them are no longer available on the Internet and the last one is brand new one in this website category!

ONLINE SERVICES– This is where you will find reviews on various websites we consider places you should either visit or use their services. Currently we have a create a website in this website catagory where we tell you the easiest place you can have a website and believe it or not is the cheapest place and best place for the simple reason this is all about Solo Build It the place we used to build this website. Solo Build It not only has more members with websites in the top 1% on the Internet world wide but also in their native country than any other place you can use to build a website. Ours is in the top 1% and is 6 months old in actual building time as of this writing on Sept 10, 2011. We only will recommend in this website category and do a review on sites that we know for a fact is a great places and safe places for you to go to. We also will always do a complete review on them for you so you know what to expect before going there! Making this a very strong website category as well.

MAKE MONEY Online– Here you will find pages we have written with suggestions of ways you can make money online. Some pages here will have links to products we have used and made money with and know for a fact you too can make money doing what we did with these products. Remember in this website category we only recommend products we have tested ourselves and never ever will put anything up that does not do what they say they will do. Most are not get rich quick ways as there are simply not any get rich ways to make millions online that we know of if we did believe there were I would do that and make a few millions and just retire!

The get rich programs out there that tell you that you will make millions overnight or go to sleep and wake up to instant traffic or links or whatever you are wanting you must understand are put on the Internet by scammers just wanting your money with the intention of selling this product as fast as they can and then they change their name and do the same thing over and over again.

Unfortunately the Internet is full of scammers and we are here to try our hardest to help you avoid their scam products but in return we show you products that really are ways to make that end results of thousands a month!

Our ways are not ones you can do over night but are ways you will really be able to one day quit that job you hate to go to everyday and be able to build a real online business making thousands of dollars in monthly income, then a 7 figure income one day shorter than you may think. But all will take a little bit of training and or work to achieve them! Also a little bit of time some are faster than other ways but all will work for you that is our promise to you or it will never be listed here in this dynamic website category.

INFORMATION ON US– Here is where you can find out more about us by going to our contact us page. You can find out this site privacy policy by going to that page. Last but not least you can contact us by going to our contact us page.

That is about it for our websites category page, you can be assured that this site will never stop growing and adding more and more categories and adding more and more pages to the existing categories. We have met and grown to know many of our readers and what we are planning on adding ASAP is add a newsletter to our site so we can keep all updated to new pages and new categories as we add them.

Right now you can subscribe to our RSS feeds and join the other thousands of people who find out what is new that way. Just subscribe and then put it on your say Google home page and you will always know when we update a page or add a new one.

Thanks for taking the time to read this website category page, now go and enjoy this site.

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