What will I do at 1 o'clock now

by Tammy
(Philadelphia PA)

Today I saw the last episode and it was a good cliff hanger. I want to know when will I get the chance to see what happens next. When will

AMC start the next episode. I hate that they took it off like that.
I have my DVR set for AMC everyday and watch it when I get home from work or if I forget to set it I can always watch on soapnet at night or on the weekends. I woould like to know when will the saga continue and where. I have been watching AMC for over 40 years. I remember when my babysitter would have it on and she would tell us children to SHUT-UP.
I,m 46 years young and all my children has been with me for all these years. TMPHILLYGIRL

Hi I feel the same and yes todays show was a good cliff hanger. This is Linda the Admin here All I can tell you is this AMC as of right now is scheduled to return in January on the Internet and as for if it will be on cable that is still up in the air. I will update the site once I have definate information on all of this. I know some things but not enough to say for sure what date where or much more than it will be In January and I believe toward the first of January. We will see Scarlott go get her Rhett back LOL. Thanks for the great comment and again I know how you feel!

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